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Posted by Stephanie on January 2, 2018

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Do you ever completely forget about someone? Someone who used to be on your radar and then something happens and it’s years and years before you think of them again? Well, it just happened to me with this guy!

Do you remember Park Ki Woong?

He’d been on my radar back in the early days of drama as the bratty younger brother in When It’s At Night, then as the besty turned villian in Bridal Mask. Remember that drama? How crazy he was? Then of course, he was in the (I hope you don’t remember this one) Full House 2. He grew to b-lead but a big b-lead actor. Then in the height of his rising popularity he went and did his military service… and he kind of drifted off of my mind.

Now, there usually is a clamor for actors post-military, or on the cusp of post-military, creating a post release furor, but a lot of times this doesn’t reach the b-leads. It wasn’t until I was surfing for some interesting news that I came across this picture and drama information, and it made me go, “Hey! He’s out of the military?”

Turns out? Not only has he been out of the military for like TWO years, he’s been in TWO freaking dramas!!! How did I miss this? I know I’m a bit behind on the drama watching, but I still know what’s going on in the drama world. It’s kinda what I do. My biz-ness. Or it was. After this, I’m thinking of maybe I should hang up the drama news.

Two whole dramas he’s done.

And now Park Ki Woong is about to be in yet another drama, this one with Lee Jin Wook. Not only did I know about this new drama, I had my eye out for it. (As any good fan of Lee Jin Wook should.) Park Ki Woong plays one of a bunch of possible killers in a show about trying to find a killer who may or may not be a chaebol. Oooh, I can totally see him pulling this character off. It actually reminds me a lot of his character in Bridal Mask.

Great news, guys!  I’m not as bad as I thought! I still missed his release from the military, but it turns out Wikipedia was wrong (gasp, no!) and they said this drama was from 2017. So, I only missed one drama Park Ki Woong was in, a show called Monster. He’s listed third on the cast list, so something tells me he is solidly back in B-lead possible villain territory.

Which seems to be a good fit for him.

I can’t say that I’m going to actually watch Return, even with Lee Jin Wook, this just doesn’t seem like my sort of drama. I like crime dramas, but I’m not huge on chaebol vs the little guy, which this show seems chock-o-block filled with.

Either way, welcome back Park Ki Woong…even if it’s a little late!


Have there ever been any actors this happened to you with? A whoops, there he is?


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