Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Ups and Downs. Already.

Posted by SaraG on January 4, 2018


I am hoping that everyone reading this little blog post had an amazing New Year’s Celebration whatever that might look like for them, be it staying up all night at Times Square freezing your booty off to Mariah Carey, or going to a party, or going straight to bed at 8:00 because you know that 2018 will be there tomorrow. I hope it was exactly what you wanted it to be. It is also my desire that everyone had a wonderful week that afforded them the opportunity to catch up on work they let slide over the holidays, get back to eating like a normal human being, and allowed for some exercise and sleep. Doesn’t that sound great after weeks of holiday fun? Normal routine.

My New Year’s Eve was not what I had anticipated it to be. I certainly won’t go into detail because nobody wants to be bummed out entirely on a Korean Entertainment blog, but for several days starting in the early morning hours of December 31, I was at work. Doing my real job. That means that somebody was probably having the worst day of their life. It was long, it was hard and it’s still not done. But I have to say, experiences like these are what really fortify for me just how important my #Klife is and how absolutely perfect my friends are. I use Kpop and Kdramas as an escape from reality. I very much rely on these forms of entertainment to take me out of the real world and give me some pretty fluffy hours where bad things are wrapped up neatly within 16 to 22 hours. I have the added benefit of having friends that enjoy the same content in the same way and want to do it WITH me. Especially when one of us is having a bad day and needs the distraction.

So my NYE was spent in my jammies with my Friday night ladies, my family, and KpopontheDL video chatting in (for almost three hours, bless her soul). We had tons of food – much of it actually healthy – and plenty of wine flowing. We talked, my husband showed them his new VR games, we ate, we drank, we giggled, we watched videos, and saw the replay of the ball dropping at our midnight. Granted, I had to kick everyone out at 12:03 because I had to be at work by 6:00 am, but it was exactly what I needed it to be. I was recharged and ready to go when I needed to be despite having very little sleep. Luckily, my Musical Monday post was pre-written and scheduled to go up so I didn’t have to worry about it.

But when it came time to write for today, I knew the feeling I wanted but not the song or even the group. Alix has been dying for me to do 2PM because she may have a budding obsession with a particular member, but she doesn’t necessarily know the group that well. KpopontheDL is the BEST for knowing everything about everyone so after a flurry of video links through a chat group I found the right one. There isn’t an official MV, and if you YouTube it, you’ll actually get a link to a different video with this song put on top. So, I’ve included a live performance from seven years ago…and they actually have decent hair and great styling. Thank you, 2PM, for always being HOT.

And thank you for giving us a bit of an anthem to start of 2018 despite the challenges we face. I don’t like to classify a whole year as either good or bad, but rather an opportunity for me to grow and change. Even when things start off really, really shitty, it provides an opportunity for improvement. There are lessons learned. There are chances for us to get a little better at life. Thank you, 2PM for reminding us to never stop.

2PM, Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

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