Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Talking Things Through

Posted by SaraG on January 11, 2018


I’m not sure you would guess this, but one of my graduate degrees is actually in social work. I started off in a clinical program looking at child welfare. After a year of providing assistance to a program for foster children and doing some case management, I learned that without a doubt, I am not equipped for that kind of work. I quickly switched to community social work and tailored the program into what I needed it to be to get me where I wanted to go professionally. Social work was ultimately a stretch for my chosen career,  but something I absolutely love about the program was that we all had to go through therapy in order to graduate. There are a million different reason why this was mandated and why I think it was key to some of my own success, but the root of it all was really making sure that we wouldn’t be foisting our own baggage onto those that we were charged with helping.

To this day, I periodically check in with a therapist for a couple of sessions just to make sure I’m not kidding myself when I say that I’m doing ok. I encourage my husband, brother, and everyone around me to go to a therapist, the right therapist for them, to check in when things feel like a struggle or when things just aren’t right. Sometimes it’s about behavioral health issues, but often you just need a completely unbiased person to prod you along in a direction that might be more beneficial for you or to help you think or talk through something you’ve hit a roadblock on. Therapy is great. It’s not always easy, but it really is awesome.

Now that I’ve made that weird little plug, let’s talk Therapy by Sophiya. The song came out in July 2017 and is a hip little number by a solo artist that originally made her name on Birth of a Great Star, the survival program that Eric Nam participated in. As with other strong female voices I’ve talked about in the past, she hasn’t gotten the attention that she deserves. Her voice is superb, jumping from a deep, rich sound to a charming falsetto at the drop of a hat. She has a decent range and she knows how to use it. I also like the way she uses rhythm and cadence in her music. The MV flips between the dancer Choi Soojin, looking fantastic, and Sophiya belting out the lyrics. It’s all dark and muted except for the shot of red through some of the styling.

I’m totally guilty of forgetting about Sophiya in the last year. She put out another single this week and it reminded me of this song. This and the new one are both worth listening to on repeat. I think this re-visit and how much I like the new stuff has secured her place on my list of people to keep an eye on. YAY!


Sophiya, Therapy

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    Great recommendation! She needs a full album.

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