Musical Monday – Sharing is Caring

Posted by Alix on January 15, 2018


When you are friends with SaraG and KpopontheDL you get introduced to a lot of music, a LOT of music, like overwhelming amounts of music. To be honest most of the time I do the digital equivalent of a smile and nod and then go back to whatever song or album I’ve been listening to on repeat for days on end (Hellevator anyone). Of course it usually plays out that weeks later I’ll randomly stumble across one of the songs they’d been raving about, think it’s amazing, share it to our chat, only to have one or both of them say “Ummmmm, yeah. We shared that with you like ages ago.” So this Musical Monday is the story (brief story as I’m not as chatty as SaraG) of the song that I found and shared all on my own.

As mentioned before, I’m the type to obsessively listen to an artist, album or song for days or even weeks on end until I get sick of it and move on to the next obsession; however, this obsession doesn’t always work well for focusing (probably something to do with the I’m to busy daydreaming about the artist). So when I need to get sh*t done at work, I’ll put on my headphones and pull up the iTunes A-List: K-Pop playlist which is updated with an ever changing rotation of new releases. Let’s Get It by Woodie Gochild jumped out at me, broke through my focus and said you need to stop working and listen to me. And the best part…when I sent the song to SaraG and KpopontheDL it was new to both of them…and on top of that they agreed it was a good song. Go me!

Woodie Gochild was on the 6th season of Show Me the Money and eliminated in Round 7, though he made enough of an impression to be signed in October to Jay Park’s label H1GHR Music. There is little information to be found on him but he was born in 1996, his real name is Kwak Woo Jae and he has what may or may not be an official Facebook and Instagram account. Let’s Get It is his debut single and features Jay Park and DoK2. Rap/hip-hop is not my usual style of music as I prefer the pop-ier tunes but this has a melodic line under and around the rap that’s catchy and I can totally see myself bouncing to it in some swanky way in a cool Korean club. The song is heavy on the auto tune but in this case it works well. The features from Jay Park and DoK2 add layers to the song, building seamlessly together to create a well-balanced song. The music video is a good show, featuring a pimped out Woodie Goldchild (doesn’t hide how young he is and looks) and the requisite Gucci accessory…the Ming vase adds a little something extra; however, what really stands out to me at least is how hot Jay Park is and how you can rewatch for him over and over.

SaraG and KpopontheDL I would like to be clear that this does not mean that you should stop sending music, someday I’ll eventually catch on.  

Woodie Gochild – 레츠기릿(Let’s Get It) (Feat.Jay Park, Dok2)


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