Ooooh Boooo Diva!

Posted by Stephanie on January 16, 2018


What great timing! Here I am trying to work very hard to commit all of the various members of Seventeen to memory (dude– there are thirteen of them, it’s not as easy as one would think) and of those thirteen there were three that I had fangirl knowledge of before it began…or two and a half. Woozi, S-Coups and allllmost a famous mister known as Boo Seungkwan. Or. If you’re in the inner circle, Boo Diva. Of course, when I was first learning the members I didn’t realize that this was an inner circle given nickname and just assumed he actually went by that. As he should. Let’s get the movement started! And now? It’s his birthday!

Can you believe he’s only twenty? Yep. He was born in 1998, he is literally younger than Jungkook. How is this a thing?? Are we getting older or are Kpop idols just getting younger? (As there are several people I know just waiting for members of SF9 to reach 18, I’m gonna go with former.) I think for me it’s surprising because (though we’re just starting to be introduced, I haven’t actually had a Boo Diva lesson) he does actually seem older. He has that sort of presence to him. 

Out of the thirteen members of Seventeen, I’m not sure why I latched onto Seungkwan as one of the ones I just knew, not needing to be taught. Actually. I probably do know. It’s not so much his face, but it’s actually from soaking in what others say around me. (See? I listen!) How can you not just know someone known as Boo Diva? How can your ears not prick up at the sound? Of course his other nickname, and again, I’m not sure if this is within our group or actually out there in the fan-o-verse, is The Jeju Prince as he seems to come from a well to do family from Jeju. 

That, honestly, is probably what did it for me. When you look at him doesn’t he look like a Jeju prince? Look at that bone structure! Plus if you see some of the videos with him (as I have because I do my homework when I’m determined to learn a group), you can actually see it there in his demeanor. It’s great and for some reason endears me to him.

Don’t worry Woozi, you’re still my Boo.

Anyway, to the half a member of Seventeen that I just knew and I look forward to being formally introduced to? Happy Birthday! Come back to the states again soon, I promise this time I will pay attention to your awesomeness.


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