Ahjumma-Ahjusshi Love, FIGHTING!

Posted by Stephanie on January 17, 2018

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I’d completely forgotten about this upcoming drama! Let me be the first one to say, welcome back Kim Sun Ah! Yes, yes, yes I know she’s been in dramas, but I’m feeling like this is the first time in a while that we’ve seen Kim Sun Ah as we came to know her — the top of the top in her field.

You know. The field of rom-coms. 

Kim Sun Ah was one of my first favorite Korean actresses. During the time that I first started watching dramas, she was in all of the big ones. Scent of a Woman, City Hall, When It’s At Night. (Well, big for me.) She was my first recognizable actress. Then, her dramas seemed to change. The focus not so much on her. I’m not sure if this was an active choice on her part, taking time off, stepping back, or possibly focusing on movies. I really hope it’s any of those things as the alternative is just sad.

Frankly? I was afraid she was aging out of leading lady status.

I’m not being crazy here. Ageism is a thing. Kdrama we allllll know, loves the newest and brightest, casting and writing seemly younger and younger until our leading men are romancing teenagers. As I get older, it’s getting a little bit harder to enjoy the really younger dramas as just not so much relate able. What, do they think people in their thirties? Fourties? aren’t sexy any more? That they aren’t bankable? That people won’t care about their storylines or romances?

This is why I’m really so excited to see this new drama coming on the horizon. Should We Kiss First is a drama where characters in their forties find love. And who best to play the leading lady? Kim Sun Ah, of course! And who will be her leading man? Kam Woo Sung. Not recognize him? He was in Spring Day of My Life playing the older widower who, you guessed it romances a younger lady (who also was the recipient of his dead wife’s heart). While I didn’t love the drama, he actually was able to make it work and was totally age appropriate swoon worthy.

From Mydramalist this is the synopsis:

Should We Kiss First is a realistic love story between a tired Ahjusshi and Ahjumma who had respectively given up any dreams of passionate romance. Kam Woo Sung’s character, who has been a failure in love his entire life, has one greatest worry: dying alone. His counterpart Ahjumma’s greatest worry is living the rest of her days alone. When they meet, they mutually comfort each other and begin a relationship.

Okay, so it seems to be a lot of “I’m old and sad, you’re old and sad, let’s be old and hopefully less sad together”. The show is being billed as a melodrama so something tells me that they are going to be going through a lot of trials and angst before reaching their (what better be) a happy ending.

The show starts February 5th on SBS and this will definitely be going on the watch list — especially since you know, I’m totally watching dramas again! In the meantime though, I totally have an urge to highlight reel When It’s At Night. Oh noes, mama ain’t got no time for that.

What say you? Remember Kim Sun Ah like I do? Excited for this or not?

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