Khottie of the Week: Ok Taec Yeon

Posted by Alix on January 21, 2018

Khottie of the Week

I’m on a supernatural/ghost focused drama kick at the moment. First, it was The Masters Sun (per my goal to watch everything Seo In Guk) and this week it’s been Let’s Fight, Ghost. The show is awesome and surprisingly unnerving. Every night after watching an episode, I convinced the dog that she should sleep on the bed so I would be protected from anything creeping up. I know for a fact that I would not survive as a ghostbuster but with the right partner anything might be possible…and this week I think I might have found that right partner.

Ok Taec Yeon, better known as Taecyeon, is the rapper for the JYP group 2PM. 2PM were big well before my intro into Kpop but I seem to be coming across them a lot these days…to be clear I’m not complaining. He’s done a lot of acting in the past couple of years and I’ve enjoyed the few dramas of his that I’ve seen.

If you were a fan of 2PM this might be the Taecyeon you remember.

If you, like me, found him later in his career…

SaraG is usually the one to go all crazy over the stick-out ears, but I’m quickly becoming a fan.

He enlisted in September, happy to see the military hasn’t changed his ears.

Or his subtle smile.

Or his not so subtle smile.

He doesn’t smile a lot in Let’s Fight, Ghost but when he does you really don’t care about ghosts anymore.

Ears and a smile, what more could a girl want…

Lucky for us he’s not shy.

Just as comfortable with ghosts as he is shirtless.

I would fight a lot of ghosts to see him coming towards me.

He seems to be comfortable anywhere.

Really anywhere.

Even in the military, he’s occasionally active on Twitter @taeccool or you can follow the official 2PM Instagram account @real_2pmstagram.


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  • Reply ajummanoise January 22, 2018 at 12:00 am

    I concur Alix!

    Taecyeon was literally my intro to the world of kpop.

    Watched Dream High and then found out about 2pm. (Wait, there’s a real band? Google, youtube and Wikipedia ensued…wow…lots of bands) It was A.D.T.O.Y. era so yeah, good stuff. Best use of folding chairs in a dance (not counting Just One Day).

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