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Posted by SaraG on January 22, 2018


I go through phases on how I like to consume the oodles and oodles of content put out on a daily basis. For weeks, all I’ll do is read fic after fic of my favorite pairing until I find another ship to glom onto and then I’ll read those. And then on day 8 or 15 or 21, whatever, I’ll wake up and just want to listen to podcasts or playlists or a single song on repeat. I won’t be able to shift my focus until it just kind of happens naturally. This cycle, of course, includes watching dramas and even down to which countries those dramas are from. I’ll have a Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese month where nothing else makes sense.

Right now, I’m on a Kdrama kick, and more specifically, in case you didn’t notice, a Mad Dog kick. I promise this is the last time I’ll take advantage of my KChat access to promote this show if you’ll just suffer through two music videos with me.

As many of you are likely aware, OSTs from Kdramas are released differently than the soundtracks most of us grew up with in years gone by. These are released in parts over the course of the drama’s airdates. Part 1 may come out as promotional material or once the first couple of episodes air, but we might not get another song for weeks. It can be difficult to find a complete OST album. Also, the songs are often promoted by the recording artist first and not the drama from which it appears. Pinpointing the song you love from a drama can be somewhat of a challenge until you remember that you can just google the name of the drama and song and SOMEONE out there will have figured it out.

Mad Dog’s OST Part 1 is called Before the Sunset by Eric Nam. I’m not usually a huge Eric Nam fan – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE him as a person. I find him incredibly charming and handsome and entertaining and kind. But his music doesn’t routinely do it for me. I’ll always give it a shot, but it usually falls out of favor after one or two listens. His contribution to the Mad Dog OST, however, is downright fantastic. And the fact that this overtly romantic song is really about the relationship developed between two men hurting from the extremely tragic loss they experienced at the same moment makes it even more special to me. There are layers.

And the actors are both exceptional criers.

Before the Sunset (Mad Dog OST Part 1), Eric Nam

Another challenge with Kdrama OSTs is that they may have thirty songs or only one. When you like everything you hear through the episodes, it can be frustrating to only be able to find one or two things you can plop on a playlist to re-live what you were feeling as the drama unfolded in front of you for the first time. I’m not the type to experience a lot of intense feelings throughout my day, but man, the right drama or the right song and I’m a wreck. Combine the two into the right OST for a drama I love and shambles isn’t even a strong enough word to describe my state.

The second song I looked up immediately upon hearing it in Mad Dog is by Niihwa – one of my fav singers. What I Want is just on the verge of having too much of a tropical feel for me, but for whatever reason, it stays on the right side of the line through the whole thing. While the Eric Nam song really brings up the sadness and loss of the drama, this song really captures more of the desperate need for justice and the coming together of these varying cool, talented folks to get it.

What I Want (Mad Dog OST Part 2), Niihwa

I started this drama on a whim with no real understanding of what I was getting into. A good friend, Y+Ocean (phonetic spelling of her name), watched it right before me and almost died when I said I was watching it. She said that she’d been thinking about it at night, every night, before she fell asleep because it just stuck with her for some reason.

So far I’ve only been able to get Molly from Kdramaland to watch the drama and she seems to love it as much as I do…everyone else has put it on there watch later lists…but I really hope folks genuinely give it a shot. Let me know if you’ve picked it up and what you think.

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    I love “What I Want” and this reminds me I need to go back to the show.

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