Throwback (Musical) Thursday – No Longer Alone

Posted by SaraG on January 25, 2018


I am pretty much incapable of not talking about things I’m in love with…and right now, it’s Lee Jung Shin. You’ve read the Khottie post that Alix wrote, you’ve seen the KChristmas Decoration Stephanie and Liz C made, you’ve seen my Starpop account (well, a sorely outdated version of my Starpop account). I love him. So when a good friend and sometimes Friday girls’ night attendee went home to visit her family in Japan over the holidays, she so graciously served as a CD mule for Alix and me and snagged the single and making of DVD for the Japanese release Shake. That DVD sparked something in us.

This last Friday, after copious amounts of beer and fried chicken, we settled into my basement and watched all of the parts of the DVD – with no English subs – and frankly, enjoyed every second of it. You see, not only do I love Lee Jung Shin, but Alix is wild for Younghwa, LizC loves her some Minhyuk, and Stephanie’s affection for JongHyun has grown significantly over the last several weeks. It’s kind of a perfect situation.

After the DVD, we naturally progressed into watching some old CNBlue variety appearances – man, they are a band and not idols which is hilarious in certain situations – and then on to old CNBlue videos to see how they hold up. Let’s just say, they don’t. Unless you really, really love bad hair, and then they do. Lucky for us, I really, really love bad hair.

*Jung Shin’s hair was perfection then and still is now…it seriously is never bad

Usually, when one of us falls asleep we let that person sleep unawares while lovingly mocking them the entire time. We rarely wake them up until we disperse at one or two in the morning to head to our respective homes. This week, however, we not only watched the video for Loner three times, we made Stephanie wake up and watch with us. I don’t think any of us have laughed so hard, in a positive and ‘totally with not at them’ kind of way, in a long time. It was incredibly refreshing. I literally went to bed smiling to myself.

So if you’re feeling even just the littlest bit down, I highly recommend watching this video. The song TOTALLY holds up, and the visuals will make you – CNBluemotional. I promise.

Loner, CNBlue

Pretty sure next Friday will be all about Ikon as their comeback was today and we have some uber fans in the NerdHerd. Watch something with us in solidarity if you can’t make it to my basement in time. 

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    That was CNBlovely!

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