Checking In On Resolutions

Posted by Stephanie on January 31, 2018


At the beginning of the year, I set some lofty goals for myself, as one does. After years and years of failed resolutions, I want to if I can actually follow through with as many as possible. A challenge of sorts — which works for me as I’m a sucker for a good challenge. Keeping yourself in check, keeping yourself on a forward motion is the only way you’re going to make sure you accomplish your goals. As there is nothing quite like a little shame to also move one forward, I thought one thing I could do is write it out. Keep myself accountable by making you keep me accountable. Now that we’re one month in, let’s see how I’m doing on this.

1. I’m hoping to watch more dramas this year. Okay, let’s be honest. I’m totally watching more dramas. As I was watching very little before, I’m not saying my drama watching is up to where it once was, or where it needs to be to do what I do, but I’ve watched the first few episodes of Mad Dog and those are tremendously excellent! I watched a bunch of episodes of Just You a Taiwanese drama that, while cute, I wonder how they are going to fill like 40 episodes of drama. From the text I got from my friend Kate after I talked about it on the podcast, she says it stays good and she knows, as she knows my taste, I will actually enjoy it all the way through. I do trust Kate’s taste, or at least her knowledge of my tastes, so I’ll probably continue to watch it. I am eagerly awaiting the new Kim Sun Ah drama and I’m wondering if I could trick someone into simulcasting it with me.2. Finish Infectious. Sara and I are humming along right now. We’ve killed off certain people, we’ve gotten them to a huge turning point. Currently, we are only about a week ahead, but we are determined to keep up with our once a week schedule


3. Change website hosts. No movement on this. And we got another “You were offline” notice too. Sigh. I need to get on this, I just wish it weren’t so daunting.

Start introducing reviews back to the site. Yeah. This has not happened yet. Sorry guys, you’re just going to have to wait to see if I follow through on this one when I finally finish a drama.

5. Try to trick a few more people into contributing to the Kchat. I have some ideas. I don’t want to say anything as I don’t want to scare them away, but schemes are in place.

6. Buy that new computer! TADA! After much hemming and hawwing the Denver Friday Night Crew literally said JUST DO IT! WE’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING ELSE TONIGHT UNTIL YOU ORDER THAT FUCKING COMPUTER. (Pardon the language, Friday is a little boozy.) It’s big, it’s heavy, and it doesn’t fit in my bag — we’re currently in love. Did you see the top of the website? It’s no longer the same old links!

I’m already starting to catch up on site updates — soon a new addition to the LGBT Page!

7. Save for Korea! After cashing the savings bond my grandmother left me, I purchased said computer and opened a Korea Trip savings account. I’m happy to report I now have enough for my plane ticket!

8. Go to KCon NY!  This will require some pennies, but I’m looking forward to this trip. I’m going to go whether I’m invited to speak or not so I can take Jr McFeeley. SaraG is contemplating going as well and bring Thing One so we can play a little K-fan matchmaking.

9. Learn all of the members of Seventeen and Pentagon. I’m more than happy to report my Seventeen lessons are going swimmingly! I’m not sure why they are sticking easier than Pentagon for me, but thanks to SaraG, I now know ELEVEN of the members of Seventeen. I do know the other two I have yet to learn are Mingu and Wonwoo, we just haven’t had those classes yet. Check it, I aced my latest test! 
Not gonna lie, the one was a little hard. I had trouble with Jun vs Dino. While I heart, heart, heart Woozi, I’ve really come to adore Hoshi, The8 and Boo Diva (Seungkwan). The best thing about this? Long Hair. Or, Artist Formerly Known as Long Hair. I’m not sure why I love the fact that it hurts SaraG’s soul just a little bit when I call him that, but I do — what can I say, maybe these resolutions will make me a better person?

10. To be more open about new music in general. This? Hands down is the thing I’m the proudest of on my list. I make an effort to listen to Pandora or Google Play channels for half of my work day. I’ve come to some interesting conclusions. I LOVE NCT. Well. Not NCT Dream. Not only do I love them but I’m actually the proud owner of all their albums. Probably because I was browbeaten into it, I’m actually becoming a big fan of Monsta X. I don’t like the Mike Drop remix with Desiigner — it has a serious lack of Hobi and is a bit too mechanical for me. Sorry boys. I continue to not like Got7. I thought it might just be my lack of an open mind, but nope, almost ever time I’m listening and I’m like “Ugh, what is this song” I’ll change tabs and yep, it’s Got7. There may actually be a few Red Velvet and KARD songs I like. Oh, and I’m not just saying this because Alix graciously drives me home on Friday nights, but I really like that new IKon album. Way to go, boys! I know I’m forgetting someone. Like CNBlue! I’ve rediscovered my enjoyment of them. Stray Kids! Yes! Have you heard them? Hellevator? I can’t wait to see what these guys do.

So, for month one? Not bad. Let’s see if we (I) can keep it up. I’m also considering adding onto the list as I accomplish things — because why make it easy?


And how are your resolusions going? And have you listened to Stray Kids yet? Watched Mad Dog? I recommend them! Because I can now do that again…



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