Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Decisions, Decisions

Posted by SaraG on February 1, 2018


I’m sure you’ve noticed, but Kpop and Korean music, in general, has gotten really big in the US. I didn’t think I’d ever get that chance to see some of my favorite underground rappers in person in this lifetime, not at least until they’d sold out sufficiently enough to make it on some major tour or scored an invite to Kcon. Or, of course, not until I get back to South Korea next year…there will be music involved in that trip, rest assured.

But I was oh so wrong. I’ve had such an abundance of opportunity in the last year that I couldn’t even participate in a lot of it. I missed one of my fav rappers and two groups that I adore with all of my tiny heart. This is soul crushing, but also hope-inducing. I mean, if they all came in 2017 and did well in terms of sales, then they’re more likely to come back. And the smaller groups might come as well…test the waters.

And though it’s early in 2018 and the Olympics are putting a pause on international activities, I’m already starting to have to weigh and measure and count my pennies. SXSW recently announced some of the lineup for Kpop night and it has me thinking hard. DPR Live (whom you know I have the sweats for) and Hyukoh are among the groups performing. HYUKOH for crying out loud. The very first song I ever posted on this site was Oh Hyuk and Dok2. I love Hyukoh in all of their awkward genius. When will I ever get the chance to see this wonderfully talented indie dream team live and in person again?

BUT so much of what I look forward to when going to shows is the social aspect. It’s getting together with the Kpop Nerd Herd and fawning over what we love in common. Everyone else has put a thumbs down on SXSW in favor of waiting to hear who in the more traditional Kpop world will be coming later in 2018. That means I’d be doing SXSW alone and might have to miss out on potential future fun. It’s all a betting game. What if nobody comes because China’s opening back up and I missed this opportunity? What if everybody comes and I chose poorly. Is there such a thing as choosing poorly?

So much hard thinking to do and not a lot of time to think about it…

Hyukoh though…so good. Even if I don’t end up going, even if I miss this chance because of making super bad choices, I will continue to push them on people until the day I die. His voice, and I kid you not when I say this, is truly one of the best voices I have ever heard in my life. And I’ve heard a lot of voices. It does funny things to important parts of me.


Wing Wing, Hyukoh


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