Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Solo Ladies for the Win

Posted by SaraG on February 8, 2018


Sometimes I find that having less to do makes it hard to do anything. I’m only working three days this week and I seem to be having a difficult time getting anything accomplished. Everything feels like a lot more than it should. Even the personal stuff. Like writing this post. One way I combat that is, obviously, through music. I download a few playlists and turn them on in the background to help keep me focused. It drives my boss insane because she’s a quiet worker. I don’t understand quiet workers…how do they focus on just one task with their whole brain? It makes no sense.

Today I listened to an older playlist I had put together to fit a mood rather than a timeframe. It’s a list I call “Chick Stuff.” Not everyone likes the word ‘chick,’ but I find that it encapsulates a specific type of female attitude. I in no way find it offensive if used correctly. As this is a post about music and not about feminism, I won’t go into details, but just trust that I mean no harm in the naming of my playlists.

So back to the music…Park Subin, best known as just Subin, was/is a member of the girl group Dal Shabet. Though the group is still active, largely as subunits, Subin’s contract ended with their agency in 2017 and it has been reported that she very recently signed with KeyEast. Her continued work with the group is still under discussion. She debuted, however, as a solo artist in 2016 and has been very busy as a television host.

Circle’s Dream, her four-song EP came out in February 2017. I instantly fell in love with the title track the moment the first notes played through the crappy speaker on my iPhone. The song is bouncy and fun while allowing her voice to show off just how powerful she can be…even within a limited range. I’m not saying she has a limited range, the song just sticks pretty close to a few notes throughout. It makes me want to be fluent in Korean so I can sing along and really know what I’m saying. Like really sing along. The MV is pretty…I think it could have been even prettier if it had been just a smidge simpler, but that’s just my humble opinion. She looks fantastic, the red color prevalent throughout is gorgeous, and the balloons and palm trees are delightful. This is a great song to help maintain a good mood when life if doing its damndest to bring you down.

Circle’s Dream, Subin

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