Musical Monday – We Don’t Look Like an Idol

Posted by SaraG on February 12, 2018


Just in case it isn’t obvious, not everyone in the Korean music scene, even if they are doing similar types of music, is an idol. And they don’t all want to be idols…despite the huge amount of pressure they must feel to conform. It can be a challenge to find some of these smaller gems, but when you do…when they are thrust upon you by the cosmos or KpopontheDL, you have to do everything you can to learn about them and support them.

Planetarium Records is a label that houses a handful of solo R&B and hip-hop artists, one of which appeared on, but obviously did not win, Kpop Star. They are an incredibly talented mix of vocalists and rappers that typically do their own thing – writing, producing, and performing. But as a special little project to capitalize on each other’s fan base and to get some attention, they put together a compilation album called ‘Planetarium Case#1’ in 2017. I’ll let them introduce it to you in their own words…or at least in Villain’s words…

The song on the first album that he mentions including all of the artists is called Blah and is absolutely my fav from that release. They clearly worked hard putting it together and the video is fantastic. These are men unused to working with a big budget, you can tell, and they really did a great job collaborating on this project. I kind of love them all. And when I say kind of, I mean that I do.

Blah, Planetarium Case#1

Now for the new part of this Musical Monday, last week, the artists came together again and released ‘Planetarium Case#2.’ Much to my delight. This album, despite only a few months actually separating them, feels a lot more mature to me. I’m not even sure why. It’s like now that the solo artists are used to working together, they’ve grown. As a whole, this release is definitely more vocalist heavy than the last, and I, oddly, approve. I love their rappers, but for some reason, their singers really do it for me. The main track from this release is Blind and it’s a cool mix of graphics and them involved in a complex story… a continuation of the story from the first video…so follow along.

Blind, Planetarium Case#2

I have to say though, as much as I do enjoy Blind, a couple of the other tracks really spoke to me. Noise deserves a mention – there isn’t an official MV for it, but here’s a live recording. Not the best quality, but it’s available on iTunes if you want to hear it more clearly. Though I have to say, watching Jung JinWoo sing it is pretty fantastic.

Noise, Jung JinWoo

And my favorite on the album, whether because I genuinely love it or because it’s just really, really interesting, is Soap Opera, by Villian. I’m having a very difficult time finding it on YouTube, so I implore you to look it up.

Yay for new things!!! Now I have to deep dive on their solo stuff too…I have a suspicion there are some fantastic collaborations between them out there.

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