Throwback (Musical) Wednesday – Birthdays Last a Month

Posted by SaraG on February 14, 2018


Remember when you were really, really young and sharing a birthday with a friend felt incredibly important…and then you got to be around ten and all of the sudden it sucked to have to share? Like somehow your special day was a little less special because it wasn’t just yours? Turns out that when you get to be in your thirties and you’ve found a soulmate with whom you share a birth month – not even the same day – is straight magical.

My soulmate, my KB, my sweet love muffin, Alix was born exactly five days after me. We have spent the last several weeks…and several weeks to come…celebrating. For the third year in a row. This year, our antics have been punctuated with some trials and tribulations on the work front. I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill here, we work for a fantastic agency that has given us the freedom to be as silly and immature in our personal lives as one could hope. We both have great jobs and love the work we are privileged enough to get to do. But with every dream career comes some challenges and they have reared their ugly heads a bit more frequently than is totally acceptable in recent months. Especially for Alix.

About a year or so ago Alix sent me a video and asked me to do it for a Throwback (Musical) Thursday but requested that I save it for a time when I felt like she needed it. Like needed it. I feel like this week, the time has come…for two reasons. First, birthday, obviously. You should get exactly what you love on your birthday, and she loves this song. And second, work is hard and she is doing so many incredibly bold and clever things to not only deal with the crap, but to use the crap to shape herself into a better employee, better leader, and better professional. I not only laud her but look up to her. So for Alix on her bday, we are going to listen to Rap Monster (going with the old-school name as it’s an old-school song) and Jin doing Trouble.

This song is a solo Rap Monster project featuring Jin. The lyrics are incredibly immature and crass, but delightfully dirty. I’m not a fan of a guy telling a woman he loves her and calling her bitch in the same sentence, but man, sometimes, when it’s dirty enough, it works. This works. There obviously isn’t an actual MV for the song, and what you can find are lyric videos so you get to see the translated teen boy glory. I’d suggest listening with your eyes closed first and then reading the lyrics after you’ve already imprinted on the sound of it. That way you’ll still love it regardless. I know I do. And it’s Alix’s fault.


You rock, you’ve got this. Deep breath. Vent to me always and we’ll go on a mid-day walks to shake it all off and look at cute idols on our phones.

Trouble, RM and Jin

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