Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Because I Said Birthdays Last a Month

Posted by SaraG on February 15, 2018


I know you’re thinking that you got a Throwback (Musical) Wednesday, there is no way SaraG has more to say this week. But you, my friends, would be wrong. I always have something to say. It’s part of my charm. But this post isn’t about me, it’s about LizC, because not only does Alix share a birth month with me, she shares the day with LizC, and LizC needs a post of her very own. SHARING IS MAGICAL, I TELL YOU.

On a recent girls’ Friday night in my basement, LizC and I came to the not at all surprising realization that we both have a deep and abiding love for N.Flying. She has been on a quest to consume every possible thing about them she can get her hands on and I wholeheartedly approve. They are charming, talented, quirky, and atypical in a land of idols. They deserve LizC’s love and she deserves them. Because LizC shares the same characteristics.

You have no idea how fantastic she is. I’m not sure she knows how fantastic she is. 

She’s fantastic.

I’ve actually talked about N.Flying in a post before, but as a refresh, they debuted in 2013 as a quartet. Unlike many Kpop groups but similarly to labelmates CNBlue and FTIsland, they play their own instruments and have a heavy hand in putting together their own songs. In 2016, Yoo Hwe-Seong joined the group as a vocalist and has fit in amazingly well. Their fandom, of which I would say that LizC, myself, and my ten year old are firmly a part, is called N.Fia – a combo of N.Flying and Utopia, obviously.

I say they debuted in 2013, but that was actually in Japan. They didn’t debut in Korea until 2015 and that was with this lovely gem, Awesome. The video stars Kim Seolhyun from AOA in the cutest, tiniest pink shorts and the boys crammed into a van…as all musicians should be when they are just starting out. Don’t be fooled though, this is still Kpop…there is also a box with graphics and hip styling throughout. It’s…amazing. I love them. More importantly, LizC loves them.

Happy Birthday, Girl!! Can hardly wait until Saturday bday partying. We’ll play some Hot Potato for the masses and they won’t know what to make of it.


Awesome, N.Flying



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  • Reply LizC February 19, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    Every day brings a new N.Flying discovery. Last Thursday it was the N. Flying V-Live channel that features at least 30hrs of the members making crafts, cooking, playing badminton, and covering kpop songs. Today’s discovery is that Seunghyub has a soundcloud channel under the name “JDon” with what looks like a tribute song to Prince. (I assume.)

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