Colorado Kpop Fans Do Valentines Day!

Posted by Stephanie on February 20, 2018


Turns out? The Kpop fandom of Colorado extends past the ladies of Kchat Jjigae! (Yes, I’m including you here, LizC, you know it’s only a matter of time before you officially join the ranks…) I mean, Colorado is a pretty big state, and Kpop (quite proudly) is spreading further and further here in the states, so it was only a matter of time before we were bound to run into someone, right? (Come on, right? Help a recently transplanted missing easy access girl and agree!) So, after much searching and some stumbling (where I may or may not have almost gotten us enfolded into some religious cult), we (LizC) found them, by way of a Facebook page inviting us to a Kpop valentines swap.

So, LizC and I got out the hot glue gun, ran to our trusty Dollar Tree, and set off to make friends!

First to the valentines. After much discussion, we went with a kind of a choose your own adventure (except your adventure is totally predetermined) peel to reveal your valentines date. It looked like this.

Essentially you pull off the hearts and it tells you: You’re spending time with ____ at ____ in the ____ buying ___ eating ___ listening to ____. Not gonna lie, we were quite pleased with ourselves. Last minute we realized we also needed a box to put all of the valentines we were expected to receive into. Thanks to a very successful trip to Dollar tree we were prepared. On top of that, we each made our own solo valentines. When we were ready to go, we were quite pleased with our offerings. ‘

Now, we were fairly certain when we got to the hipster coffee shop that this thing was being held at, it would be us and the person putting it together as, I’m sure we’ve all been to those parties before, but we were happy to report we were super wrong! We were about to be blown away by not only the creativity but the enthusiasm of the being that is a Kpop fan. Check it, we brought the receipts. Check out these boxes. We were put to shame, SHAME I tell you!

See what I’m talking about? Next year LizC and I have to step up our box game!!! Are you ready to squeeee over some super cute valentines?

So many people were there! We chatted bands, who got us into Kpop, and, of course, biases. Everyone brought tons of food, valentines and made something called a cupid’s float

How can you not love a drink that you sip from a Twizzler?

It totally warmed my Kpop heart to be here. Finding your people, the people who love and understand the thing that speaks to you can be hard, but don’t give up, they are out there! And if they’re not, be that group, create one of your own, and people like you will come. That’s what these girls did. That’s what I did here.


Now, LizC and  I have a few of our Kpop Valentines left. If you want to find out what your best Kpop Valentine date would be, Leave a comment down below and I’ll pop one in the mail for you! (While supplies last 😉 )


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  • Reply SAGE Sharkey June 28, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    This was all the way back in February but it makes me so happy to see you wrote this! I’m glad you guys had a good tome and I hope to see you guys again!

    -sage (one of Colorado Kpop fans facebook page admins xD)

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