DO Does Drama!

Posted by Stephanie on February 21, 2018


Possibly. You know, if he signs on. Right now it’s probably more correct to say DO MAYBE DOES DRAMA? But that just doesn’t quite have the same ring. If you’re new to the site, you’re not a member of various chats, you probably don’t know, I’m a huge Do Kyungsoo fan. It started back on It’s Okay That Love, it moved onto various Chansoo fanfics… I mean… the other stellar dramas he’s started in getting much acting acclaim.

So it’s no surprise to realize just how excited I got when I found out he’s currently considering a new drama. 

And not just a new drama but the lead, the hero type roll in said drama. Woohooo! Mr. DO has been working his way up the acting chain, proving to himself and those naysayers around him that not only can he be an idol who acts, he can be an idol who is actually a stellar actor. He doesn’t strike one as leading man material (one as in the one who casts dramas, I’m pretty sure I said I thought he could handle his own show since It’s Okay That’s Love.) He’s short in stature, he comes across as cranky and, let’s all just come out and admit it, he makes a great villain/bad guy/figment of the hero’s imagination. Knowing this is what people thought Do insisted on working his way up the drama ranks (I imagine), then starred in a hit movie, and now whoever it is in charge of casting dramas, realized hey, people like him and hey he can actually act. Let’s sign him up!

Of course though, as proven above, DO is now a hot ticket and can actually be choosy about his dramas, and actually think about whether or not it’s something he wants to do. (Not to mention his fairly busy side job of being an idol.)

He’s been offered a lead role in a saeguk called Hundred Day Husband for tvN. (Okay, so maybe it will take a few leading roles on the cable networks for Do to get a leading role there, but who cares, we love tvN shows. tvN shows a lot of time have away better quality than the mainstream networks.) This drama, which is being billed as a rom-com, is also being billed as a saeguk Jason Bourne, but only by way of the idea that everyone who has amnesia is Jason Bourne. I don’t know about you, but I’ve (especially in my Kdrama lifespan) have seen a lot of amnesiac characters, and none of them are Jason Bourne or even remotely Jason Bourne-like–and where the plot of the drama is actually more ‘prince gets amnesia forcing spunky girl to take care of him’, I’m wondering if the people who are calling him Jason Bourne have actually seen the Jason Bourne movies.

My guess? Probably not.

Also. If you’re one of those people, watch the Jason Bourne movies. They’re pretty good.

It will be interesting to see if Do signs onto this show. Something tells me leading man will be hard to resist. And a saeguk? For an actor (yes, I’m calling him an actor and not an idol actor) who seems to enjoy pushing the boundaries, seeing what he can do (Reminds me of Kim Bum that way) it also seems pretty alluring. On the other side though, saeguk’s are hard. While we don’t really get it as non-Korean speaking watchers, it’s essentially another language you’re learning, a whole different cadence — I wonder though if this is still as much of a thing in these fusion dramas.

Now I usually bypass the whole saeguk thing. I don’t like historical, political angst and that’s usually what these sort of shows devolve into–and where the character DO would play is  literally a prince, something tells me that backstabbing political storylines are a big fat ‘of course’, so  it’s too soon to tell if I would actually watch this show, but if I decide to, I’ll definitely let you know!

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