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Posted by Alix on February 25, 2018

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My first exposure to LizC was the story of how she met Stephanie and Cherry at KCON LA, they all went to see Big Bang Made and Stephanie gave LizC the Seungri posters she had picked up. I remember LizC saying that the poster was going over her bed and thinking “wow, here’s someone who is loud and proud of her love of #klife…how awesome!” Two years in, I’m slowly getting there and much of that is due to being able to call LizC friend and her #klife awesome rubbing off (LizC you’ll be pleased to know I’m writing this post listening to N.Flying).

Lee Seung Hyun, much better known by his stage name Seungri, is the maknae of Big Bang and resident playboy. As my UB happens to be in Big Bang I’ve never paid much attention to him but it’s been fun to see other sides of him through this post (and we might have watched the Big Bang episode of Running Man on Friday night). GD and Taeyang enter the military in the next couple of weeks and because I’ve been listening to Big Bang non-stop most of the past week it felt fitting to honor them (and LizC) in this week’s post.

Meet Seungri.

He actually is cute.

Silly cute. 

Boyfriend cute.

And he has a really nice smile (I’ll be honest, it took me longer than it should have to recognize him). 

Then there’s that other side…little less cute, little more sexy. 

This is the Seungri I’m more familiar with. 

And this side of him. 

He does sexy very well…

Or when you read about some of his escapades…

He might drive the rest of the group crazy but they love their maknae.

You can follow him on Instagram @seungriseyo. 







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