Gone GD, Gone

Posted by Stephanie on February 27, 2018


This one gets you all tingly, doesn’t it? GDragon, or I guess, for the next two years Kwon Jiyong, has shaved his head and entered the military leaving probable millions of weeping fangirls (and boys) in his wake.

I can’t believe so many of my original favorites are in the military right now! I can’t believe I’m taking it so well! That might be the booze. (And by booze I mean carbs as it’s Tuesday. )

The Denver Kpop Nerd Herd joked last night that he had gone in their today but not our today so maybe there was a chance to save him, to swoop in and tuck him into our collective pockets where he can be as wonderful and as weird as he wants. We’d feed him snacks and give him boxes upon boxes of hair color. SaraG knows a good tattoo artist here in Denver who makes house calls, we think he’d enjoy that.

But alas, there is no turning back the clock, no letting him avoid his appointed rounds, he’s in the hands of the military now and there he will stay for two years. (Or, 1 year and a lot of change.) Check it, him and his manager, post buzz. (Anyone else thinking his hair might be giving a sigh of relief? It’s going to be so soft and manageable when he comes out…)


Not only is he going into the army, he’s enlisting in the 3rd Infantry Division which is known as one of the toughest. (Anything with the word skull anywhere near its nickname tells you, yeah, we’re not here to fuck around.) It makes me wonder how he’ll do there. We know he’s smart and cunning (I think for anyone to get as far as he has especially on the education a trainee fits in has to be, right?), physically fit, and seems to play nicely with others when he’s not “GD” (or even when he is “GD”) that he just might make it through okay.

Here’s a little video of GD doing that long walk into camp where he seems to be taking a page out of T.O.P’s book and going for the head to toe coverage look–which if he’s trying to fly under the radar–someone should probably tell him it’s not working.


I hope he does well. I hope he acclimates easily. I hope he meets nice people. I hope he comes out even hotter than he was before. I hope he comes back ready to jump right back into the music scene. But most of all, I hope these two years go by quickly.


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