Seungri Leads New Netflix Drama?

Posted by Stephanie on February 27, 2018

Casting News

Ummm… okay.

I’m not going to lie, this news struck me as weird. I’m racking my brain, has Seungri acted before? (Those drama parodies BigBang used to do DO NOT count.) For some reason, I’m picturing him as a cast member of The Producer? Was he in that? Or am I just wildly making sh*t up again?

You know, as I do.

The thing starts to make more sense when one finds out, yes it’s a Netflix show, but it’s a Netflix show produced by YG, called YG Future Strategy Office. And in it, Seungri will be playing a someone (honestly, I don’t know if it’s himself or not) who gets assigned to the future straegy office and realizes he must save YG–from what? Some sort of evil doer? Bad financial planning? The YG basement?

Inside my brain, I’m wondering doesn’t YG also rep actors? Like top-notch actors? I mean, I guess it makes sense considering Seungri now has a lot of time on his hands with 3 out of 5 of his bandmates either in the military or military bound. But couldn’t his time be better served…by serving? (Seriously, anyone else out there just want Daesung and Seungri to suck it up and go to the military so all of BigBang can come out at the same time? Go in, do your bid-ness, come out and get to business…making more music? Come on boys, do it for the fans, you know you wanna!)

I say all this though, when I’m really embarrassed to admit, I’ll probably check it out when it comes out for 3 very important reasons.

  1. The show sounds like it might be fun? Maybe. Possibly. Unless it gets over the top slapsticky which it looks like it might just from the poster–in which case? I’m out.
  2. Seungri seems like he might be a good fit for this part. I can actually see him being an office worker in my head? You know the one who leans on the water cooler with his coffee mug in one hand, wriggling his eyebrows at the ladies who walk by? You know that one, right? You can see it now too, can’t you?? Come on, admit it.
  3. I actually have access to a Netflix account and we should probably try and support these joint ventures. Continue getting the kdrama name out there?

There is no date as of yet for the drama (or they are calling it a sitcom (so yeah, bring on the slapstick) but we do know it will be 8 episodes and will be on Netflix so no take backsies…no matter how much we ask. 🙂



  • Reply SpiceAngel February 27, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    Girl…Let it all out!!

    He was not in Producers, but he was in Angel Eyes. I did not finish that drama, but it was not because of him. 🙂

    I think he could pull off a comedy.

    • Reply Stephanie February 27, 2018 at 8:53 pm

      That’s the one! I’m like, I could see him in a drama and I wanted to see him in my brain stealing copy paper? But maybe that was Kim Jungkook’s character? Someone guarding the paper? And then someone trying to seduce her from it? I’d say I’d go back to Producers to check, but that would be a lie and I’d hate to lie to you, SpiceAngel. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do it, but I’ll hate myself a little bit for it. 😉

  • Reply woop. February 27, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    Listen, I normally don’t care about random posts from people that don’t research the people they write about but Seungri is a very talented actor. He has been in many movies and korean dramas since he was around 18. Also, Seungri and Daesung would have loved to go to the military to serve together with the rest of the members but that’s not how it works in Korea, you can’t just show up and get signed up. You can show interest and they pick the date you enter or send you a letter when you can no longer delay it. Seungri tried, the slots were full, and he cannot go to the army until another time. You can’t say suck it up when it was out of their control. We all would have loved for them to go alltogether at once but it wasn’t able to happen so let’s move on. Also, pretty sure this is a variety show, meaning they’re just going to do funny things, have guests, and conversations about whatever jokey thing they can think about. Or do comedic sketches. Who knows.

    • Reply Stephanie February 27, 2018 at 8:50 pm

      LAUGH! I was teasing. We all know that YG would probably love for them to all go to the military together so they can get back to being BigBang again and luckily for groups of BigBang’s stature, they don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll have a career or not when they come out. I’m not sure if I buy him as an actor, just because I think it’s hard to get out from underneath the “Seungri” shadow, which if they go for super comedic or if it’s a spin on their own characters? It might work. I stand by my picturing him being that coworker who stands at the water cooler–because I can I can totally see him in my brain doing that and it IS AWESOME. Come on! He already has that eye-wriggle down.

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