Jhottie of the Week: Miura Haruma

Posted by Alix on March 4, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Apparently, post birthday is the time for trying new things. In the past week or so I’ve had homemade Japanese curry (made by a native), tried a new exercise class (which has left my legs in a state of jellied shock), and played tennis (which isn’t new but given I haven’t touched my racquet since September it might as well be). As part of this spate of newness I also watched my first Japanese drama. At some point over the last year, I’d watched a Japanese movie based on a manga with SaraG but that was the extent of my knowledge or interest…

I stumbled across Last Cinderella on someone’s MyDramaList article titled Top 10 “So bad, but So Good” Dramas. What intrigued me was that the reviewer called out the fact it was a ‘mature’ drama (which you never see in kdrama) and the main female lead was in her late 30s (which you rarely see in kdrama). I watched the show in less than a week and loved it…for the fact it went places that you hardly see in kdrama and for this male lead (if you read the drama description you’ll realize there are two male leads, the other was good but not as good).

Miura Haruma  is a Japanese actor who made his debut in the Jpop group Brash Brats.

I tried to find a Brash Brats video but no luck…they appear to have been on hiatus since they debuted. 

He’s 27.

And mainly known for his acting. 

According to Wikipedia, he’s been single since November.

He has had the most amazing assortment of hairstyles.

All of which have looked good.

Like really good.

Not sure anything would look bad on him.

And they sure tried.

But seriously nothing. 

He has done few lighthearted dramas.

And if you know where to find them please share.

You can follow him on Twitter @miuraharuma_jp.


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