Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Hello Again!!

Posted by SaraG on March 8, 2018


A bunch of us have been watching or have already finished watching Hwayugi and have either rekindled an old flame or fallen in love for the first time with Lee Seung Gi. He is equal parts sexy, cute, smart, and charming. When he went into the military I was more than a smidge bummed…his return and watching him jump right back into both variety and acting was a blessing when so many of the idols we love have been answering the call of civic duty.

When I started listening to Korean music, I didn’t subscribe to my current streaming service, nor did I have Spotify…I can’t even remember which service we had at the time, but it was sorely lacking in international fair. The only Kpop album besides some old live BigBang and an Ailee mini album was Lee Seung Gi’s Crazy For You. I listened the shit out of that album and I didn’t even like it that much. He’s got the voice, he can carry a tune, and he’s got the ‘it’ factor, it just isn’t my style. His follow up releases are of a similar kind of ballady/love song vein and still aren’t in my sweet spot. But again, that doesn’t stop me from listening. I have forced myself to pick songs that I have made myself enjoy. I will adore everything he does even if it kills me.

I had the pleasure of introducing Alix to Lee Seung Gi’s music last week. When she falls hard for someone, she falls really hard so I was surprised she hadn’t stumbled upon his music on her own. I know I always search iTunes when I fall for someone new because they have almost always dipped their toes into the musical arts…whether they should or not. I now realize that I might be the only one that does this…so you all get some LSG today just in case you haven’t sampled it in the past.

And Goodbye, a final release before he went into the military, is actually a full-length song. However, after filming the video something terrible happened to the footage and they didn’t have enough to put together the whole thing. With all of the bluster that accompanies a star going entering basic training, there was no time for a reshoot. So And Goodbye has a one minute MV…it’s kind of perfect.


And Goodbye, Lee Seung Gi

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