Musical Monday – I Should Learn the Days of the Week

Posted by SaraG on March 12, 2018


I have decided that if and when I am forced into a soul-searching road trip, probably being chased by the law, I want to be with the members of MAMAOO. I want them to hold me when I cry and push me into doing adventurous things that I wouldn’t otherwise consider. I mean, we all know that I’d probably be driving them around and forcing them to do stuff they wouldn’t normally be allowed to do, but I have a rich imagination and this is what it’s settled on at the moment.

I’ve written about MAMAMOO on Kchat before, and I hold firmly to the notion that they are four of the most talented women in Kpop. I don’t always glom onto their releases as something I want to listen to over and over, but they are, without a doubt supremely hardworking and skilled. I also really like that even when their concept is young, it’s tongue in cheek young. They are grown women and allowed to be grown women.They successfully walk a precarious line between funny, cheeky releases and soulful, almost women power songs. The two most recent fall in the latter category and I approve.

The song I’m sharing today is Starry Night for no other reason than I love the pic of them in shorts strutting down the middle of the road. LOVE IT. The styling is all denim, tank tops, and boots with flowing hair and a heavy lip. The setting of the MV moves between a cityscape, open fields, and a beach. I’m pretty sure it’s the same beach featured in BAP’s Honeymoon.

Much like we want to and firmly do believe that BTS are all best friends in real life, I hold that MAMAMOO is as well. They all seem so different from each other but fit together like a perfect puzzle. They each fit a role that the others need and videos like this only serve to support my fantasies. Even if you aren’t into girl groups, I implore you to give them a listen. They aren’t your typical fair and deserve so much more attention than I feel like they get.

Kisses, girls. I’ll grab the credit card and meet you in the jeep with plenty of snacks in tow.


Starry Night, MAMAMOO

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  • Reply Amber Kmuse March 13, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    I am so glad that you decided to do them. Love this song and it’s concept. It is the perfect song to start off the spring/ summer.

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