Surprise! Dramas Are Being Watched!

Posted by Stephanie on March 22, 2018


Hold onto the seats of your pants people, I have some surprising news….I’m watching dramas! (Please note, the ‘S’ at the end of that word as, yes, not only am I watching one drama, no I’m watching, please count with me, One, Two, THREE dramas!

You know what? I’m as surprised as you are. 

As always, spurred on by the imminent arrival of the night where I have to face the music, the night I record the A-Side Podcast with Cherry Cordial. Nothing quite so easily makes me put down my fanfic reading (if only I could do some sort of fanfic book reports to show you how I fill a lot of my time, but something tells me neither one of us would be comfortable and we most certainly would never be able to look each other in the eye again if we were to meet in person) and turn on the tv (or in the case of Kdrama, open a new tab on my browser).

In case you’re worried—since I am currently editing the latest “What We’re Watching” episode for the podcast, I’m not going to go over my complete list—as that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it? Instead, I’m going to focus on the shows most recent that I’ve started and I plan on getting back to just as soon as I have another drama watching day (usually turning out to be Saturday night, as I’m wild and crazy that way).

I haven’t been able to make myself go back to The Naked Fireman, but instead, this time turned to some new options out there. Having once recently had a special relationship with Lee Jonghyun from CNBlue and a friends Viki password, I decided to try out Evergreen also known as That Man, Oh Soo. This drama (as mentioned) stars Lee Jonghyun as a chaebol who is also a genius mathematician who has also inherited his family’s ability to see love on people. If you wonder what feelings look like, they seem to be like colored auras, or if you’re a Running Man fan, the flames you see around Kim Jongkook when he goes into SPARTAKOOK mode. Different colors mean different types of feelings or levels of love. Part of the family business (don’t ask me why) is a coffee shop where his family sees the auras and give them ‘pollens’ to emphasize the feelings of the person who ordered said drink—think, cappuccino with a side of lovesick. Though he has this ability and love is pretty much the family side business, he somehow doesn’t believe in love.


I’m sure it’s only because I’m only one episode in, but his “I don’t believe in love” gives me a bit of eye-roll. Dude. Get over yourself, it’s like your thing. Your family’s thing. For GENERATIONS. If there were someone who should be leading the love parade, even if you got your heart broken, or you haven’t found your one true yet, it would be you.

I am, however, enjoying the take-charge heroine and look forward to seeing her get out from under the shadow of her ugh of a boyfriend. Come on—I’m guessing we all saw that her love for him was more habit than anything else. I’m sure it’s going to hurt for a while, but she’s too pragmatic to linger for long. I’m just hoping she continues to be spunky and call the hero out on his crap while he decides to—after all this time—believe in love.


After I moved on from that episode (I didn’t stick for serious as I liked Evergreen but didn’t love-love it—maybe if someone was around to give me one of those pollens) it took me some research and a LOT of effort to find the next drama, which was Yoon Shi Yoon in…I want to call it Valid Love….but it was actually Vivid Love which is one part of a three-part series.

The first one with Yoon Shi Yoon as a hapless guy who is failing and failing and failing to pass the test to be a police officer. He’s such a failure he fails the test (again), his girlfriend breaks up with him, and he gets kicked out of the room he rents. What’s a poor loser to do? Well sign up for medical testing…dur! He does and gets smarter and super strong and fast—basically a super Yoon Shi Yoon. He becomes the dreamy Yoon Shi Yoon, gets the girl, wants the original girl, and plans to kill it on the next civil service exam. (Though I can kind of tell why he’s not making it in life, he talks about trying hard, but with the exception of being the cutest boyfriend in the world, doesn’t really strive for anything.)


I watched his entire section of the drama and was suprised when I noticed a line-less cameo by Kim Seul Gi—who I love! I was wondering why she’d agree to do such a bit of literally nothing, but then after the end of the series, realized she’s actually the heroine of the second series! So, of course, I had to start the next series. I didn’t get far, but I’m excited to get back to it as I really do have a bit of a girl crush on her and get so excited to be able to see her in a lead role. 

Finally, of the shows that I plan on mentioning, was one I’ve mentioned a lot here, telling you how I planned to watch it, to which I’m sure you eye-rolled and thought to yourself, “Sure Stephanie” and, no offense taken, I totally deserve that! I’m not sure I mentioned before that I did try to watch Shall We Kiss First? previously but, to my disappointment, it’s only on the supreme extra version of Viki, which I don’t have and, at almost ten dollars a month, don’t plan on purchasing either. The website mentioned back then that they’d start releasing episodes after 20 days, so this weekend  I wondered….ooohhhh I wonder if that’s over yet? And they did have some episodes! Four to be exact.

I’m not sure what it was, as the show seems to not be sure what sort of tone it’s going for, but I literally could not stop watching! I swallowed those four episodes whole…and I mean in one sitting! (Much to the chagrin to Future Monday Morning Me, who did not appreciate Past Irrispossible Me for staying up so late on a work night.)

Though the slapstick of the first episodes you can really see the heart shine through on this thing. I find myself relating to our heroine—not so much the hero yet as he’s still in “I’m an asshole but I’ve got emotional feelings that will excuse everything once you find out” phase. Man, do I dislike that phrase, but it’s a necessary K-evil.

I liked Shall We Kiss First? so much I legit have thought about going out there and shelling out the cash for that supreme extra version of Viki. And I’m cheap, so that’s saying something to how much I enjoyed the show and can’t wait to get back to watching it.

So, so, so excited to be watching some dramas! And, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I think I saw that Switch with Jang Geun Suk started, so I’m thinking about possibly adding that into the mix! Holy smokes! It’s like I don’t even know me anymore!

And now? To go and catch up on some fanfic. 😉

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