Throwback (Musical) Thursday – When the Wrong Link is the Right Link

Posted by SaraG on March 22, 2018


Earlier this week I got all excited because Alix sent me a message saying a certain rapper was going to have a comeback really soon. I was stoked for all of about 27 seconds until she followed it up with a ‘My Bad.’ Turns out the name of the comeback by a completely different artist was the same as the name of the rapper I didn’t even know I would be that excited to hear from again.

I tell this story because sometimes mistaking one artist for another happens and it’s ok. Sometimes it’s more than ok and we find someone it turns out we didn’t even know we were in love with.

One day approximately 6,000,000 years ago (in 2016 to be exact) I was trolling YouTube and thought I’d stumbled on a new song by the freshly debuted group Cosmic Girls. I hit play with some trepidation because I wasn’t so into what they’d done so far, and was completely stunned and confused by what I saw. I LOVED the song from the first few notes, was completely captivated by the styling, while at the same time deeply concerned that this enormous girl group had released a song with only one of the members. And then San E came on the screen and I knew that I had to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. Mistakes had clearly been made.

Turns out, I was watching the newest comeback by the Korean artist Cosmic Girl, Don’t You Worry ’bout Me. Completely different from the Cosmic Girls. Cosmic Girl, AKA Jooyi, is a former member of the group RaNia who made her solo debut in 2016. She’s both a singer and a rapper and leans toward something of an R&B style. I’ve only been able to dig up three singles that she’s released, two from 2016 and one from 2017, but two out of the three are up there high on the list of listenable songs for me. I like them for realsies and I’m not just saying that because I love solo female singers. The songs are great.

I was listening to an old playlist earlier this week, something of a comfort listen, and this song popped on. The memory of how I stumbled on the video came back to me instantly and I was reminded of why I like to just click through YouTube and take a chance…similarly to what I was talking about on Monday with Ilhoon. With that one, I knew who I was listening to and was surprised by how much I genuinely enjoyed it. This time, I was completely mistaken about the artist and totally won anyway. I love that about music. It’s a constant surprise and sometimes a discovery is so very much made by chance and still so incredibly rewarding.


Don’t You Worry ‘bout Me, Cosmic Girl (featuring San E)

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