Khottie of the Week: Jackson Wang

Posted by Alix on March 24, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Do you ever have those groups where you really want to love them, where you enjoy their music, follow them on social media but have never connected on another level? For me, Got7 has always been one of those groups. I always enjoy their music, I was excited to see them at KCON last summer and SaraG can attest that for one 48 hour period I thought JB might be the one (following a marathon of Dream Knight). But for me, it’s never moved beyond that point.

Got7 had a comeback early March and will be kicking off a world tour in May with stops in the US. Thanks to the Khottie calendar I was informed that this week is Jackson’s 24th birthday and it felt like a good time to highlight a member of a group that I’ll never fully appreciate.

Meet Jackson.   

He was born in Hong Kong and is fluent in multiple languages. 

He was offered a scholarship to Stanford for fencing but turned it down to be an idol. 

He’s well known for working out and is not afraid to forget a shirt on occasion. 

Quite often actually. 

I’m sure some of us wonder if he has an allergy to shirts.

Even with a shirt not much is left to the imagination. 

I would like to be clear that I am not complaining. 

With or without a shirt this boy knows what he’s doing. 

But I also discovered that he’s just plain cute too. 

With a love for animals (honestly not sure who is cuter). 

Animals of any kind.

All levels of cute. 

Happy Birthday, Jackson!! 

You can follow him on Instagram @jacksonwang852g7 or Got7 @got7.with.igot7.


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