Musical Monday – Growing and Changing is a Good Thing

Posted by SaraG on March 26, 2018


FTIsland was one of the first groups I found in the world of Kpop. I wanted to love them for so many reasons, not the least of which being that they were so heavily involved in writing their own music and they actually played their own instruments. As something of a music snob, at least in my early years, this helped me to justify paying them so much attention.  However, I just didn’t love them. I wanted to, I appreciated them, but we didn’t bond. They weren’t, nor are they now, my true loves.

However, after watching Lee Hong Ki in Hwayugi, something clicked. I was actually looking forward to this MV more than I have ever looked forward to anything by this group in the past. I’m not even entirely sure why – it’s not like this was the first drama I’d seen him in. But whatever it was, I am so thankful. I don’t see me going back to their older stuff and falling in love from the beginning, but I certainly have gained more of an appreciation…and this might be the first FTIsland song that makes it on one of my standard playlists. I feel like I’ve grown a little and I’m not even sure how this occurrence signifies it, but for me, it seems to.

The song has kind of a hopeful, nostalgic feel to it. The colors in the MV are mostly jewel tones and the edges are all blurred like a memory. The group performs on a stage reminiscent of my middle school auditorium. The lyrics are all about the future, wishes, superheroes, not being afraid, and changing the world. Maybe I’m just riding the high of finally conquering my cold, but I appreciated it all fully.

If FTIsland came to Denver, I have to snag great seats, if they came to Kcon I’d be stoked to see them. That’s saying a lot since there is a limited number of groups that can perform at one Kcon and I have a list a mile long that I want to see.

So thank you Hwayugi, and thank you FTIsland for living up to my budding expectations.


Hold the Moon, FTIsland

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