Stephanie and SaraG Strike A Bargain

Posted by Stephanie on March 27, 2018


We all know SaraG has this mystical power over people, which usually somehow manages to make them bow to her will. I’m pretty sure this is a great and dangerous power which should be harvested and studied. Sometimes she’s sneaky about it, you don’t even notice the campaign. Others? It’s a full-on carpet bombing. 

As of late, I have this sneaky suspicion SaraG wants me to do something….

This time I wasn’t just eventually bending to SaraG’s will (although we all know it was only a matter of time before I did) no, this time? If she wanted something from me—I get something from her!

Stephanie: So SaraG. Are you ready for a new challenge?

SaraG: Yes. But only if I have a chance of winning

Stephanie: If we do this right, we both win! If it goes wrong, this friendship could end up as toast.

SaraG: I love TOAST

Stephanie: As I’m a big fan myself, I say let’s do this! So, you wanna hear my idea?

SaraG: Of course I do…We both know I’m pretty much game for anything.

Stephanie: It’s one of your best points! 😉 My idea. So you want me to keep watching Mad Dog so much? It will come at a price. My proposal: We take turns in making us each watch a drama. You choose, I choose, so on and so forth until said friendship becomes toasty.

SaraG: Question. Are we watching simultaneously or following up with a new drama at the completion the drama chosen by our foe…I mean friend?

Stephanie: Hahahha. Good point. I was originally thinking that we’d do it one after another but I’m liking the simultaneous thing as, you know, I’m trying to get more dramas in. But, is that too much on a busy schedule? I ask you, Lady, who watches a lot more dramas than I do?

SaraG: Follow up question. Are we both watching the dramas so one is doing a re-watch kind of thing? Cause I only get to watch on weekends or when I’m running so I can be slow. Well, I’m fast, but the drama watching is slow. I can handle two dramas at a time.

Stephanie: I think no on the rewatch. You choose a drama for the other you have seen and you like. We’re busy—writing fanfic—we don’t have tons of extra time to spare for rewatching.

SaraG: Then I think simultaneous works…It makes sense that we are both watching at the same time. Now, the rules. We should choose dramas we think the other would like…I won’t pick any medical dramas for you for obvious reasons.

Stephanie: Hahahaa. My anxieties would probably thank you, but they’re too busy making up new diseases for me to come down with.

SaraG: HA! Also, should say that we have to watch a certain number of episodes before we can even consider dropping something…like you have to watch at least half. Or are we going with all of the episodes? I fear the long ones.

Stephanie: You have a good point. While I like the idea of having us sit through the entire drama the other chose, there is the very real thing that some dramas are just not for everyone and we should not encourage hate-watching. We could address it a couple of ways. We could have a ⅓ drama out clause, or possibly a drop waiver. Like a Tim Gunn Save. He only gets one per season—then of course, we’d have to decide how many rounds are a season, but it would be funny to debate on whether to use it or not. Thoughts?

SaraG: I think for me, the point would be for us each to watch and fall in love with something we might have otherwise skipped over…so I would lean ⅓ so I don’t hate-watch. I get bitter.

Stephanie: No one has time for hate-watching. And we’re not going to be butt-holes to assign ones we think the other won’t like—or at least ones that we enjoyed.

SaraG: Ok. We watch simultaneously, we can drop at ⅓ if it’s not sitting right, anything else? How are we reporting to the masses how we felt about the drama? Are there time limits? I don’t think I can handle a time limit.

Stephanie: As you watch more than I do currently, I’m fully behind a no time limit, but you have to make an effort to watch. Let’s say maybe putting in there where we have to watch at least an episode a week. That will keep us on track and honest. Also. I like the idea of us having to explain why we want to drop a drama at ⅓, kind of lay out our reasonings, before officially dropping it. We can do it here, reporting back, or, you know, on our patented Food, Drink, and Kpop Friday. Then, yes, once we finish, we report back here and divvy out the next drama choices.

SaraG: Sounds good. Very good. And I totally know what I’m picking first for you…1988. Kidding, of course, it’s Mad Dog.

Stephanie: Oh noes. I now realize what I’ve done to myself. This was all a plan, wasn’t it! Tricking me into coming up with this idea so I watch 1988. Are you colluding with Cherry Cordial? You are diabolical. 😉

SaraG: I’m a girl who knows how to make it happen. Whatever it is. It will happen eventually.

Stephanie: Hmmm…and for you—actually I have no idea what I’m going to choose for you. Give me a link to your mydramalist!

SaraG: [Eliminated to protect the guilty] Feel free to pick from “To Watch” list 😉

Stephanie: This can’t be right….you haven’t seen Signal?



SaraG: We both get a crime drama…excellent. How themed of us.

Stephanie: Yeah. I’m a sucker for a good theme. I’m excited about this!

SaraG: Same. Super excited I don’t have to choose my own dramas now. Well, at least one of my dramas at a time.

Stephanie: And I’ll be given a reason to put other things down and get my butt into a seat and watch! Win-freaking-win.

SaraG: Suppose I should go watch or something. Stop bothering me.

Stephanie: Right back at you.


So cheer us on guys!



  • Reply Cherry Cordial March 27, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    While I was not in collusion with SaraG, I do like how she thinks and am excited for when you *do* eventually watch 1988.

  • Reply kissasain March 31, 2018 at 5:14 am

    Yes I am also pretty sure this is a great and dangerous power which should be harvested and studied.

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