Khottie of the Week: The Newbie

Posted by LizC on April 1, 2018

Khottie of the Week

Hi, this is LizC tagging in for my first post at KChat Jjigae. As a long-time reader and fan, I’m very excited to add a small contribution to the Khottie canon.

Now, I know that there has been a long standing rule about only featuring age-appropriate* Khotties, but I am nothing if not a rule-breaker. Let’s take a peek at this young, up-and-coming idol.

Look up at those alluring eyes. Who could it be?

This recently-debuted** youngster is drawing attention with his composition and production skills and sweet smiles. But this young cutie is already known for his willingness to show off his abs,

And his defined back:  

This innocent baby is probably more comfortable showing off just a hint of skin.

Or, maybe not.

Just a few weeks*** into his career, this debutant is already the king of concepts.

(Can you guess which is his “good side”?)

He’s already conquered the US airwaves by collaborating with the hottest teen sensations on the other side of the Pacific.

(Take that, BTS!)

Please welcome this new Khottie, who I am sure is going to jump the top of everyone’s bias list!

Bonus! Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming KHotties for April, 2018****!



*nobody said anything about an upper age limit


***288 weeks, but who’s counting

****Happy April Fools! And shout-out to anyone (me?) who will (under their breath) admit that JYP is (occasionally, kind of, and age-appropriate-for-some-of-us) hot.

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