Musical Monday – Overwhelmed

Posted by SaraG on April 2, 2018


This last week has been incredibly overwhelming for me. I had chest pounding, fainting, nosebleeds,  and all of the other drama tropes going on. It wasn’t even my job (pretty chill right now) or my personal life (my family and friends are all great), it was the music. There was too much good music and my little heart couldn’t take it. I think one of the things that made it more distressing was the sheer number of the releases that we by groups or artists that appear on my ‘must see’ list.

Butterfly, San E and Mad Clown

Of the six I ultimately chose to highlight this week (don’t be fooled, there were more potentials), I have gotten to see or have tickets to see half of them. Of the remaining three, two are on the special list of approved trips should they schedule a tour stop anywhere feasible this year…and two of the six have strong Kcon potential. When I first started writing these music posts for Kchat, my kpop concert experiences were limited to a single Kcon. This last year has been amazing and the months to come are just as exciting…my goodness, I am a lucky lady.

Jealousy, Monsta X

So rather than blather on about each artist individually, I should let you just enjoy the MVs and figure out how you’re going fundraise enough to make all of these releases your very own. I know I dropped a bit too much cash this week.

Everyday, MAMAMOO

And now that I’ve accidentally fallen in love with another group, Stray Kids, I had to get their mixtape as well as their debut album to make sure I was doing my part to support them. I also spent the week getting to know all of the members which requires lessons from KpopontheDL, quality time with YouTube clips and videos, and studying with Alix…all very eye-opening, but also time-consuming…not that I can really complain. It didn’t exactly hurt to stare. 

District 9, Stray Kids


And we can’t forget the girl groups! There have been a number of them doing incredible things lately. Kind of re-shaping the mold that girl groups have been forced into for years. LOONA, through both their unbelievable complicated debut process and their vast array of styles and concepts, are one of those. I am really loving their stuff.

Egoist, LOONA

I also had to stop myself from dropping everything and flying to wherever Dean is at the moment (I’m thinking it’s still London) to personally shake his hand and thank him for everything he’s done in the last several years — this remix included. I seriously believe that I spend most of my personal listing time focused on a couple of Dean-centric playlists. He is, without a doubt, one of my most frequent go-to listens.

Dante’s Creek, Deantrbl Remix

BONUS: As I’m writing this on Saturday and on Monday, after I’ve posted, we’ll have the real deal, I thought I should also include the Pentagon teaser. For me, it’s one of the most highly anticipated things happening in April. I’m sure I’ll be just as overwhelmed by the Kpop offerings in the next few weeks, so don’t be surprised if eventually I just start putting up single word, nonsensical posts and Stephanie has to fire me.

Shine (Teaser), Pentagon

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