Stephanie & Cherry Chat BTS Burn The Stage: Episode Two – You Already Know the Answer

Posted by Stephanie on April 3, 2018


We’re back with episode two of BTS: Burn the Stage (as Cherry conveniently realized — BTS: BTS) You Already Know the Answer. This episode was filled with feelz, boys being cute, boys acting cute, and Namjoon losing his passport… again.

Dear lord, that kid.

Stephanie: CHERRY! Are you ready for another episode? Can your heart take THIS much cuteness?

Cherry: Oh, I’m not sure. There definitely seems to be a LOT of cute here.

Stephanie: I don’t want to be like, this was adorable and that was adorable and wasn’t this cute, but seriously! I know there were several times while watching this episode where I literally said to you, “This just makes me like them more and more”. I’m beginning to wonder at what point I should worry if I have a real BTS problem?

Cherry: I feel like you’re getting close, as you said (and I quote) “Why don’t I have a Bomb? I think I need to order a Bomb.” But, of course, I’m right behind you, because I was wondering if we’d get a better price if we ordered two at the same time.

Stephanie: Oooh great idea, let’s get on this! Seeing that sea of Bombs, I’m sad for us that we didn’t have them. We are uber fans. Uber fans have bombs. Plus, if we ever needed to justify the cost we can say we’re not only supporting BTS but they also make handy flashlights and fishing rods. Win. Win. Win.

Cherry: Oh, Jin. Okay, getting into the show, I really liked the black and white at the beginning. Very artsy, and a good way to introduce each of them working on their parts for the tour.

Stephanie: They certainly know how to make a shot look pretty. Taking the screenshots it’s amazing all of the striking images and choices. It makes you wonder if they hired a different director this time or if they went with whoever does their Bon Voyages or Runs. As it should, this has a different feel than their other shows, but I wonder about the teams behind them.

Cherry: We should check the credits, but I’d bet this is a different director. Both Bon Voyage and Run are more scripted, I think, and that’s usually another type of directing style.

Stephanie: I can NOT BELIEVE that Namjoon lost his passport again. SERIOUSLY? You’d think that he’d have that thing nailed down by now after losing it on Bon Voyage. When someone joked they should make him wear it around his neck, I totally agreed. It’s interesting seeing that side of him. He was soooo embarrassed, you could just tell.

Cherry: I felt so bad for him, but at the same time, this isn’t the first, or even the second (or third), time he’s lost it. At this point they should just staple it to him. Can you imagine having to turn around and head back when you’re supposed to be performing at a concert? His heart must’ve been pounding so hard while he was looking.

Stephanie: I didn’t even see him looking, I saw everyone else and staff looking. He was more standing back and wringing his hands while apologizing to the flight crew. You’d think after Bon Voyage, management would just hold onto that shit for them. Who is being irresponsible here? Namjoon for being absent-minded? Or the team for not knowing that Namjoon is absent-minded and will probably lose what he’s allowed to hold onto?

Cherry: I had fun hearing them practice their English on the way from the airport. Namjoon teaching them the nuances of “What was that” vs “What’s that” was fun.

Stephanie: HAHAHAHHAHHA and when Hoseok was like, “Who cares?” HAHAHHAHAHA. What I thought was interesting was how had the beginning, then the glowing Seoul concert, with no real behind the scenes, and then there was the black screen that held for like 15? 20? Seconds? Then we get into Chile. Where we start to see behind the scenes where things aren’t quite so perfect and pretty.

Cherry: I don’t know, we saw some of their Seoul prep last week, where Jimin forgot the setlist and made fun of Jin. Although, that totally doesn’t compare to the Great Cake Toppling in this episode, which was mostly Jimin, too. If I had to choose a funniest moment, that was it, right there. I was laughing so hard. Poor Hoseok.

Stephanie: Poor Jimin. It was his turn to be super embarrassed. I was talking more about the set up for this episode. Them trying to make an arc within the awwww. Trying to make a point that’s not just me going Awwww Hoseok! Although, Hoseok had an awesome episode. I loved seeing how he kept bringing up Yoongi when he wasn’t with them, even making sure to bring him back food when he couldn’t come to dinner. Awwwww Hoseok!

Cherry: If we’re talking about the awwww now, how about Jimin talking about how he wants everything to be perfect for the fans, who don’t ask for much, and when he makes a mistake he feels so guilty. Say it with me… awwwwwwwwww…

Stephanie: Awwwwww! In the previews, because of where we thought they were headed this episode, you think he’s sitting like that because he’s hot and exhausted, and though he is, he puts himself aside and browbeats himself for every mistake real or perceived. I just want to pat him on the head, tuck him in, and give him a snack. JIMIN!!!!!

Cherry: Speaking of the previews, poor Jungkookie! The heat, mixed with all the dancing and the altitude, really took it out of him. I was so worried for him, and all the boys were, too. I loved Namjoon’s “…even Jungkook is human.”

Stephanie: I love how much everyone around him was concerned for him. It’s a hard situation, not wanting him to push himself too hard, not wanting him to be sick, but knowing the realities of their situation, that he needs to do everything he can to be out there and perform. Even he, dripping with sweat, so much taken out of him, for him to pull himself together, put on another heavy costume, and go out there to perform, not letting anyone out there know how sick he is.

Cherry: Right? And it makes me wonder how many times he and the others have done that. I’m torn between being proud of them for being professional and being mad at them for potentially damaging themselves more. I love my boys, so it’s probably a little of both.

Stephanie: Right? Because as fans, we want them to take care of themselves, but as fans we could understand the disappointment they know their fans would feel if one of the band wouldn’t be there. Not in a bad way, but the disappointment would always be there.

Cherry: Okay, one last thing on my list is when they heard the cheers while they were in makeup and thought it must be for an opening band. I love how they didn’t realize how popular they were, although I bet they do now. Even, now, though, they still seem so amazed by it. I may have to awwwww one more time over that.

Stephanie: “Is someone opening?” Laugh. They were also surprised about the people coming in to watch soundcheck. Makes you wonder how much they are involved. I also wonder what Yoongi was doing up in his room when everyone was off at dinner. They said he was busy, which I’m sure he’s probably always busy writing, producing, not just for BTS and AgustD, but for the other artists he works with, but when Hoseok dropped off the food, something tells me he was just sleeping. LAUGH.

Cherry: Well, Yoongi needing naps is a large part of my bonding with him, so I wouldn’t be surprised. 😀

Stephanie: So now we are officially caught up. We’re reaching the point in the timeline were we’re not far away from the US concerts, that will be a bit surreal to see. Are you up for it Cherry?

Cherry: Well, I think they have a few more South American concerts first. But soon! And when we see them, I might just tear up when I see the rainbow ocean, and you know that doesn’t happen often, but I’m getting verklempt just thinking about it, so…

Stephanie: Can’t wait.


  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland April 5, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    Awwwww – I love you ladies. I feel so bonded to you now. 🙂 I felt so many of the same things watching the first two episodes.

    In episode two, there were two parts that really got to me. Jimin beating himself up for making mistakes and taking it so hard. That precious little bean…. I just wanted to give him a hug. God bless him…. And then there was Hoseok making sure that Young wasn’t forgotten and bringing him food. Makes me remember how the members have described Hoseok as being so kind. YES – that is my bias right there. So proud of him….

    Before this show, I was already an uber fan of BTS. However seeing their brotherhood bond in this documentary (one of the reasons I love them so much – they are friendship goals, aren’t they??), as well as how much they love and give to their fans just makes me love them more. It’s remarkable to me that – for a group that’s so popular worldwide – by all appearances, they haven’t let it go to their heads. They’re humble and hardworking and so grateful.

    Ugh… I’m a mess now. LOL And we’re only two episodes in!! (I’m loving every minute of it!!!)

  • Reply Molly in Kdramaland April 5, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    What’s with autocorrect?! Of course by “Young” in my above comment, I meant “Yoongi”. Sigh….

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