Cherry & Stephanie Chat BTS Burn the Stage: Episode 4 – It’s On You and I

Posted by Stephanie on April 17, 2018


This is an episode of huge reveals and heartbreak. That’s all I have for an intro as I think it’s important that we get right into it. (Also, I might still be a little shell-shocked.)

Stephanie: I have so much to say about this episode and am not entirely certain I’m going to be able to say anything at all as I’m still trying to process all that went down. I had looked forward to seeing when they show the concert that I’m actually at, but they threw it on its ear and we really get to see behind the scenes, and it’s given me a WHOLE DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE on what it was that I saw, both at the concert and on the screen.

Cherry: Yep, and it started out so smoothly, with them deciding what songs they’d perform during the soundcheck and working out how to move on a bigger stage. Things I knew they had to discuss, but it’s so interesting seeing them actually work it out. But then, things got serious.

Stephanie: Yeah, we see them in Brazil, we see them practicing, we almost get to see them shirtless (bwahahaha), but then, when trying to figure out how best to make their dances fit the bigger stage (which is interesting, I always thought the Korean stages were bigger. Perhaps, the arena is bigger but the stage is still small?) Tae tries to tell Jin he needs to do something differently, that he needs to move faster, and Jin’s all “I’m going as fast as I can”. We think it’s going to be a small dust up, something that blows over quickly, I’m waiting for the punchline, but it doesn’t happen. This is when you finally realize that this is real.

Cherry: On the stage thing, I thought RM was referring to the shows in South America when he was talking about smaller stages. And now, back to the other thing with V and Jin, I’m the same as you, it seemed like something quick, not a huge deal. I didn’t realize some of the nuances at play until they were discussing it afterward. It’s gotta be hard living with the people you also work with. You know them so well, it’s probably easy to push each other’s buttons.


Stephanie: Back to the stage thing, even if South America was smaller stages, they originally began in Korea, so would have it figured out for there, I think. It was interesting seeing all the people’s roles within the band. Jin, though he was irritated (we learn how much later), when they realized how close they were to show time, tried to make it better by saying he had been joking, by trying to back down and diffuse the tension even though it wasn’t what he was thinking. When we saw that Tae was CRYING? Dear lord there goes my heart. Plus, Namjoon, us seeing him being the leader they tell us he is? How he has control over the group despite not being the oldest? Dang.


Cherry: My heart melted when Namjoon saw Tae was crying and hugged him. I’d expect hugs from Jimin, but I hadn’t seen that side of Namjoon yet. So sweet. And I was impressed when his leader qualities came out, too. He kept as calm as he could and reminded them that they had a show to do and they’d talk about it later. Which they followed through on, and from the solo interviews, it sounds like that’s a thing they do on the regular. Makes me wonder how far back that goes? Debut? All the way back to trainee days?

Stephanie: I can’t remember who it was, Hoseok? Yoongi? Oh, it was Yoongi, when he was listing how long they’ve lived together and he points out, “do you think we never fight?” it puts it into perspective. Of course they fight, of course they hurt each other’s feelings, but it’s all in the way you deal with it, whether you’re mature enough to talk it out, to let it go. I found the discussion after the concert fascinating. (And a quick shout out to Namjoon who, before the concert was like ‘snap out of it guys, people have waited a long time to see us;)

Cherry: And Jungkook talking about how they taught him to not be selfish and to respect each other. Awwww… they totally raised him. Also, it was interesting to see that Yoongi and Namjoon ended up being the ones directing the talk. I was impressed with the points they were making and how they were able to help the guys work it out.

Stephanie: Namjoon laying down the line, telling they were both wrong, and that they couldn’t allow it to affect the performance again. It kind of bled into the fight itself, or the perspectives. Tae didn’t think that Jin was taking him or the situation seriously, and Jin didn’t feel like Tae was giving him the respect of being older. It’s an interesting mix of coworker vs respect. Contemporary vs classic societal roles. The fact that Tae was scolded for speaking to Jin the older that way, and Jin even essentially saying he felt disrespected, that he doesn’t pull the hyung thing a lot for the sake of harmony within the band, but it doesn’t mean he can always just let things go.

Cherry: Okay, can we change the subject and talk about Jimin? He was so bummed by his practice performance in Brazil and it seemed to send him into a spiral of depression. I just wanted to give him a hug and tell him we all love him.

Stephanie: We learn he does this at every performance. I felt bad for him, but what i thought was really interesting was hearing Jungkook speak so plainly about it. Here is the opposite, we have Jimin older, who is so unsure of himself and his talent, and Jungkook, the youngest, where this is the one time we’ve heard him speak with such authority. You can see why he was the Golden Maknae, you can see why he is the lead vocalist.

Cherry: While Jungkook was giving him singing tips, I kept thinking, “Jimin really, really needs a vocal coach. Why can’t he have a vocal coach?”

Stephanie: RIGHT? When Jungkook was like, he’s not really in a position to have a vocal coach, I’m like, why not? Out of all those people you employ to hang around them, one of them couldn’t be a vocal coach? I’m sure they have physical trainers, wouldn’t vocal trainers be just as, if not more, important???

Cherry: Preaching to the choir here. Using their voices right will keep them healthy and performing better and longer, so I’m allllll for that. Maybe we should start a hashtag. Wait! You already have one! #SaveJimin ;P

Stephanie: I can tell you, #SaveJimin is not mine. Although now it is. #SaveJimin. I can say it was weird seeing the behind the scenes for a show I actually went to, to a band I love as much as BTS. It actually put me into the episode like nothing else has. I kept trying to remember in my brain to see if I could sense what was going on, but all I have is that I remember Jin being a little down, but it’s entirely possible that it’s just because his song was more downtempo. Thankfully, Cherry reminded me that I was actually at the second night’s concert, and not the one of their big fight So maybe everything was all hunky-dory before my concert. OH MY BOI’s!

Cherry: After this episode, I feel like I’ve been through a wringer. An emotion wringer. All my feels are out here for all of us to see. And there was so much going on that I know I didn’t catch everything. Which means I should watch it again, right? So it can wring even more feels out of me? I love my boys sooooo much.

Stephanie: Seriously. I’m doing screenshots as we chat, and am at the big meeting at the end of the concert and I’m just wrecked. I know people will read this with a roll of the eye for our WAAAH, but for some reason, within this band, it just makes me feel things, and to see these guys out there, doing the same? Being real people? Gets me right in the gut. I will be interested to see where they go from here.


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