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Posted by SaraG on April 23, 2018


I, like just about everyone going to Kcon and those that are hoping to go, keep getting distracted by the weekly artist announcements. So far I am completely stoked by everyone thus far. I think I’ve expressed my love quite publically for almost all of the groups announced to this point. And if I haven’t yet, it’s just a matter of time. I mean, come on, Heize made me cry last year in LA and I have recently adopted the Stray Kids as an up and coming favorite. My complete adoration of all things NCT has been discussed on the blog, the podcast, and in private conversations with complete strangers more times than I care to mention. And Wanna One? They are a group created specifically to kill us all.

But I can’t let staring at vague and unhelpful hints and then squeeing about the actual announcements get in the way of all of those new releases that keep stacking up week after week. One weekend months from now cannot and should not get between us and the hard work of countless artists competing for our attention, hearts on Instagram, and money.

Over the course of the last week, three women that we have talked about in previous posts all put out new solo songs that seriously made me gasp. Whee In, of Mamamoo, collabed with Sik-K on the song Easy. I’ve said it before and I will repeat it until the day I can no longer speak, the women in Mamamoo are some of the most talented vocalists in Kpop. This song is exhibit number 9 billion submitted as proof of this fact. Whee In is flawless. Her vocals are smooth and fun, she shows that patented sense of humor throughout the video, and she looks stunning in that blond bob. Sik-K, someone I always appreciate, is really growing into someone I might be following much more closely in the future. Yummy. This song will be sticking with me for awhile.

Easy, Whee In (ft. Sik-K)

I actually never really got into the Wonder Girls all on their own because, as I am loathe to admit, I was resistant to girl groups in my early forays into Kpop. However, I have gotten quite attached to some of the solo stuff the members have put out. My favorite, I am pretty sure, is Yeeun under the name Ha:tfelt. The spelling of her solo name is confusing and hard and stupid, but the music she’s doing seriously slips over your skin like the perfect pink velvet nighty she’s wearing in the newest video. Her voice is a little deeper than the average girl group member and she does some interesting and somewhat unexpected things with it during the song Pluhmm. Nothing crazy, just tiny nuggets of imperfection to make it perfect. Bonus, she is super sexy. This woman knows how to move her body really, really well.


Pluhmm, Ha:tfelt


On the other end of the super sexy spectrum is the powerful Yoonmirae. She is unapologetically strong both in appearance and sound. Her new song KawiBawiBo features her rapping with that deep, rich voice and singing during the chorus. This song makes you want to go out and do something…almost anything so long as it is geared toward women empowerment or fighting social injustice. She is dressed in hip athletic wear, hair going through varying colors and styles that could never be called pretty but shall heretofore be lauded as perfection, and she struts and poses throughout the video cooly. I endeavor to have that much presence. The dancers are DANCERS with dancer bodies and back her up beautifully. Gah, so good.


KawiBawiBo, Yoonmirae


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