Cherry & Stephanie Chat BTS Burn the Stage Ep 5 – I Can’t Stop

Posted by Stephanie on April 24, 2018


Alternate titles for this episode: Episode 5 BTS Escapes their Hotel Rooms. Episode 5 We Didn’t Think We’d Get Here, But Now That We Are Let’s Be Awesome. Episode 5: We’re Sorry for Episode 4.

Stephanie: If we were to count just how many times I awwwww’ed this episode, where do you think we’d sit?

Cherry: Hmmm… about eleventy million? 😀 This was a really good episode. I liked hearing the stories of how they got where they are.

Stephanie: It’s part of how we know them, or we know their origin stories, but to hear them tell it, to get their take on it, is really interesting. From Hoseok’s ‘I’m just here to dance, oh you want me to be a rapper?’ to Jungkook’s “I’m just here to dance oh you want me to be main vocalist, please stop yelling at me Jimin’ to RM’s ‘I used to be all dark and ansty but now I’m a super leader’, yeah, it was fun.

Cherry: Hearing RM talk about having to cancel the show in Beijing because he had stage fright? I feel like a bad fan, because this is the first time I’m hearing it. I mean, I’ve heard the songs where he sings about needing to love himself, so I knew there were issues, but this just made it more real. I’m happy that we’ve seen that he’s better now, more okay with himself. More relaxed in his interactions with the guys at fanmeets and stuff.

Stephanie: I know, I had no idea! This is why I love this show so much, the insights we continue to get. It kind of boggles my mind. How does that even work? How did we not hear about this? It seems like it would be a pretty big freaking deal if that’s what happened. I mean Idols have to apologize so much for every real and imagined slight if fans knew he canceled a show for stage fright? I can’t imagine they’d ever let him live it down if it happened for that reason. Poor egg.

Cherry: Another thing that came out of that that I’ve appreciated, but didn’t know the why, is that he channeled his healing into writing music telling other people it’s okay to mess up. I loved when I heard that message in Fire.

Stephanie: That does seem to be the underlying theme to a lot of their music, self-acceptance — which — hellz yeah! This episode really wasn’t so much about the journey but telling us how far they’ve come as performers and people. They take what they do really seriously, and I think you can tell by not just the quality of their work but by how far they’ve come. They really are the little band that could.

Cherry: The little band that could reminds me of Jungkook talking about how he thought they were the most awesome thing in the world, until they debuted, when he realized they had just been ‘a big frog in a small pond.’ Yeah, that’s gotta be an eye-opener. Makes me glad he reacted by trying to improve himself so that he matched the ideal he wanted.


Stephanie: Those management companies are just like little insulated incubators, I would think especially one as small as BigHit where all of their attention would be focused on BTS. They didn’t have anyone there to compete against, it must have been a bit like being an only child. It’s once you’re out of the nest that you realize that the world isn’t quite so focused on you as you think. I loved the idea that Jungkook said he learned and got more skilled, and that he continues, even though it’s slow, to get even better so that in the future he’ll be worthy of the title ‘main vocalist’. Do I remember him being on Masked Singer?

Cherry: I had to Google that, but you’re right, he was ‘Fencing Man’ on Masked Singer. He sang BigBang’s ‘If You.’ And people were right about his voice being distinctive, I could tell it was him right away. I loved that it was Jimin pushing him and telling him to improve himself. Go Jimin! Such a good hyung.

Stephanie: And now we’re going to have to add Jungkook’s ‘If You’ to our TBW list on Friday. (I have a sneaky suspicion it’s going to turn into BTS-apalooza) One big part of the episode was them trying to figure out the choreography for a performance on a stage that was way too small for them. We were trying to figure it out as it went along, wouldn’t they have considered that before booking the venue? They are a group that sings AND DANCES. Having enough room on the stage would probably be #1 with a bullet. But turns out, not for the concert, but instead for a local tv show heir first here in the states. Loved them at the theater looking at all of the bands that had performed there before.

Cherry: And that’s another one we’ll have to look up for our Friday BTS-a-thon. When we saw them practicing in the hotel room, I was like, “Look! It’s Son Sung Deuk, their choreographer!” I was fangirling so hard. And I was impressed with how they were able to work with him to adjust their choreography for the smaller stage. What little we saw of their performance looked really good.

Stephanie: I actually really enjoyed the inclusion of someone around them. We know that they are always surrounded by people, we even saw people squirting something into each of the members mouths, and yet, with the exception of that little bit with Son Sung Deuk, we never focus on any of them. That had to be a choice.

Cherry: When Taehyung sat on the stage and wondered if there’d be enough ARMY to fill it or whether they’d be performing to an arena? Awww… Don’t worry, baby, they’ll be there. I think that’s just as they were learning how well-known they were internationally.

Stephanie: And how did it feel for you seeing the behind the scenes of the actual concert you went to? Were you looking for you and Mystical Being of Unicorns in the background? I know I was.

Cherry: I totally was, except they weren’t focusing on the people so far to stage left that we couldn’t see the back of the stage during the performances. So I just enjoyed seeing bits of the performances again and realized, along with you, that we’ll never see those bathrobe costumes during the Cyphers again, because they’ll do something totally different next time. sigh I love those bathrobes.

Stephanie: GAH. I remember when I heard the opening notes for this Cypher at my concert and realized they were going to play one of my favorite songs? I nearly DIED. They looked so good in those costumes and TOTALLY owned the stages like bad-asses. It’s funny to realize now that they were actually performing that in the middle of a show, with those heavy jackets/robes ON TOP OF the heavy gem encrusted jacket for the next number. No wonder they are tired at the end of the night.

Cherry: That’s another thing they talked about this episode, is how tired they were after performing so many concerts in a row. That’s definitely something I’ve worried about when I hear about the grueling schedules KPop idols maintain. I’ll see on a fansite that a band is coming right from a performance in, say, Philippines and performing with only a day in between, and I start getting anxious for their health. I mean, that doesn’t keep me from going to their concert, I just feel bad about it later. 😛

Stephanie: We actually experienced that! KCON LA a couple of years back, they literally flew in the day of the concert, having performed the night before and, coming from someone who has seen them multiple times, you can tell the difference, you can see it when they are tired, even if they try to hide it. There has to be a balance between getting lots of concerts in and the well-being of the band. It makes for a not great experience for the band or the concert-goers. (Not that I didn’t love them, saying it right now, but YOU COULD SEE THE DIFFERENCE. I was at NY and LA KCon, there was a difference between those two performances, both band and viewers deserve to have the best experience possible. And you know, keep our boys healthy and happy.)

Cherry: That’s why I was glad to see them able to get out and be tourists after their shows in LA. We had Hoseok, Jungkook, Jimin, and Jin at an aquarium and bowling; Taehyung and RM at an outdoor photoshoot and eating; and Yoongi… shopping at Best Buy? Whatever helps you relax, dude, I’m all for it.

Stephanie: Highlight of the freaking episode. They were so adorable! And seeing them get time off in both LA and Chicago was nice. When they Kai Bai Bo-ed to see who had to get hot dogs for everyone and you could see Jin standing in line stressing about how to order twelve hot dogs in English? Ah-Dorable.

Cherry: They were still at the point where there was little chance they’d be recognized. They’re not quite mainstream here, yet, but the recognition factor is higher now than it was then. I loved that they all got together at a barbecue at the end and drank together.

Stephanie: I saw you Kookie, and your underage drinking. 😉 This episode was just a bunch of hard work, cuteness and light, almost a little cathartic after last episode. Was looking at screenshots and noticed that in that first meeting about the too small stage? Tae and Jin sitting together. YAY Harmony amongst coworkers and friends reigns again!

Cherry: And that’s pretty much it for this episode, except for the credits, where we got teased with their BBMA appearance. See you next time!


And because we can’t get enough of it….BTS on break.

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