Throwback (Musical) Thursday – A Year is a Long Time

Posted by SaraG on April 26, 2018


When getting ready to write this post I went back through lots of videos that came out over the last year from varying boy groups that haven’t quite reached the seeming instant success of some of the nugus we all fawn over. The most poignant and important word in that last sentence is ‘seeming.’ No matter how far and how fast some of these groups gain popularity, they have all put in an inordinate amount of work to get where they are. So much more than their inherent talent and effort goes into these groups achieving any level of success and luck isn’t the least of it.

7 O’Clock is a six-member group on Staro Entertainment that debuted in March of 2017. To date, they have one EP, one song for a charity album, and one OST song on the market. That’s it. What breaks my heart is that their EP was so good that I even listened to the whole thing all the way through a few times. We watched their MV for the title track almost on repeat for days. I swear that Alix’s YouTube account had it queued up every other video because it just assumed we wanted to see it again. And then, nothing. True, many of the members took part in MIXNINE, but still…it made me very nervous for them to have to sit out for a year.

Or least sit out as per my perception. Because we all know that in no way are idols, even after debut, just sitting around. I am sure they were doing stuff in the company, vocal practice, choreo, writing, learning, etc. and probably doing promotions around the immediate area like festivals and ribbon cuttings. But they weren’t putting out new music and in this go go environment, that can be deadly to a career. So I was more than pleased when I finally started following their Instagram account and found a very recent announcement that they are coming back! And it’s not just any old vague ‘sometime soon’ announcement that we sometimes get, it was a hard date. I am so very much looking forward to waking up tomorrow to a brand new 7 O’Clock release tomorrow morning – 4.27.2018. I hope it is good enough to knock my socks off because even with only one EP, one release on a charity album, and one OST, I am still thinking about them after a full year. That has to say something about their staying power.


Echo, 7 O’Clock


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