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Posted by SaraG on April 30, 2018


As I said waaaaay back when, Stephanie let me start writing for the blog largely because I have a habit of throwing songs at people all day long in the hopes that they’ll fall in love with something. I think it made sense to her to have me put some of them on the site so that she’d have more content and I’d have an outlet outside of our Facebook chat. I don’t think, however, that she realized that it wouldn’t stop the tide that is my list of hyperlinked song choices of the day.

Recently, I started thinking about all of the glorious music that comes out on a daily basis in Kpop and in the wider Korean music scene and how best to track and share it all. There is so much amazing music out there in just about any genre you can think of and it’s all just waiting for us to discover it through a myriad of different sources including Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, and heck, even Instagram. It is actually impossible to find and absorb it all. We all have our strategies for how we monitor artist releases and discover new stuff, but there is no physical way to consume everything that, should we even get the chance to hear it, might change our lives.

My typical strategy for how I share stuff with my close friends really consists of an endless chat full of Youtube and iTunes links to songs I think they will either fall to fainting couch for or they should at least have some knowledge of because they are intelligent folks with the need to be in the know. And I’m not the only one dropping links by any stretch of the imagination. But, as those of us that listen to the podcast already know, my sweet KB, Alix, has made it painfully clear that she listens to only about 1/10 of what we send. It’s not malicious, it’s time and content management, and she usually stumbles on the same songs months later and gets annoyed with me that I didn’t make her listen to them sooner. But we may have come up with a solution, a weekly to bi-weekly playlist of recommendations. Something she can listen to while she walks the dog or sits on the interstate during her boring ass commute. We’ve just started, but I’d consider the first week pretty successful…in that she listened to the whole thing at least one time through.

There is no way I can make playlists like this for everyone, nor can I possibly pull together a Youtube version every week. However, there are a couple of ways you can snag what I’m listening to. First, follow me on Instagram at @thereal_sarag. I’ve been trying a thing where on most days I put up a song of the day…a little something I’ve recently stumbled on or an older song that, for whatever reason, is something I’m obsessing over that day. It’s also a great place for you to make recommendations to me. I love to receive recommendations and have been pointed in a few good directions through comments on Instagram. Many thanks to those that have left them.

Another thing I recently discovered is that you can follow profiles on iTunes, see what people are listening to, and check out their playlists. It’s kind of a great way to pinpoint what your friends are into in advance of having to actually talk to them and to pluck something from their page that you might not have thought of checking out. I’ve made something of an effort (meaning I added a profile pic and made a nickname) to make my profile recognizable as mine and want to put it out there that I am happy to have folks steal my playlists. Most are nothing special, but there are a few that I’m quite proud of. Of course, this is just for folks that pay for the subscription so Stephanie’s been left out of that fun. Sorry, bae. 

Anyway, as the whole point of this post is about the glut of great new stuff out there at any given moment, I can’t very well leave you without a song on this glorious Monday morning…so I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Nano, formerly Jaeho of the Kpop group History, is doing some fantastic stuff right now as a solo artist and needs all of us to sit up and pay attention…like sit WAY up and fall in love with him.

Punishment, Nano


  • Reply Stephanie April 30, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    I can’t believe History is history! This song almost warrants a space on the smexy times playlist.

    Also, I’d be more inclined to use iTunes streaming if it weren’t for that $10 a month pricetag. 😉

    • Reply SaraG April 30, 2018 at 11:32 pm

      It DOES warrant a spot…I’ll try to remember to add it. He’s fantastic. Also, the $10 buck is totally worth the access to ALL of the music. Seriously, way better selection than anywhere else I’ve looked.

  • Reply SpiceAngel May 7, 2018 at 7:14 am

    I did not realize the group disbanded…Last Year!!! I always liked their songs and videos.

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