Musical Monday – Temporary Love

Posted by SaraG on May 7, 2018


There have been a whole host of project groups formed through competition shows cropping up all over the place. While I have a really difficult time watching the actual shows, KpopontheDL keeps me updated on the goings on through our chat groups. Weirdly, or not at all weirdly, I find myself growing attached to certain idols without ever seeing them in this context. I think it’s a combination of knowing them the tiniest bit from their group of origin, future bride’s enthusiasm for everyone, and the tiny clips and gifs I see floating around. I’m full of love and it turns out I’m pretty willing to spread it around regardless of actual first-hand exposure.

This weekend was a big one for the Nerd Herd. We didn’t have a concert to attend, we didn’t have a con, and there were no Kpop shops involved, but two pivotal members flew out from their home in North Carolina to our Mile High City just for a visit. We had KpopontheDL and Emma all snuggled up in our Denver arms for three days of blissful food munching, mountain strolls, and lots and lots of video watching. For good chunks of time, while BTS tickets were purchased and meandering conversations were being had, we let a YouTube playlist shuffle through lots and lots of MVs on the giant TV in Alix’s living room. One that kept popping up was the JBJ goodbye video that basically broke out hearts every single time it popped up…to the point where we had to start skipping it. This is a major downside to growing attached to project groups. They end.

But the video did prompt us to watch a few of the other project group MVs and in particular, UNB’s Only You. This one was specifically targeted — a couple of times — because the song itself has been on heavy rotation for Alix and me over the last week or so. It’s beautiful. UNB is the group formed at the end of the KBS show The Unit and will be together from April 2018-December 2018. There are nine members from nine different groups, and every single one of them is fantastic. Let’s just say they weren’t selected because they had a difficult time being an idol. They are almost a little too stunning and their voices might be a little too perfect. But I’ll learn to live with the glory of it all. I’m adaptable.

Only You, UNB

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