And the Robots Continue Their Kdrama March

Posted by Stephanie on May 8, 2018

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Huh. I would have thought that by now we would have seen the last of the robot drama trend as haven’t we had three already? Don’t these things come in threes? Or is this the third? Eh, either way, we’ve got another robot kdrama coming our way. This one though? I may just have to watch! 

While I joke about the robotic trend, it’s not as though I actually have anything against it. One of my favorite Japanese dramas is AI Knows Love. Have you seen it? Robot from the future sent to protect heroine falls in love. Hmm… that sounds familiar. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the show, check it out, I do recommend it — especially if you’re enjoying the trope.

This drama, that I want to say I knew about but probably didn’t, stars Seo Kang Joon, who I had to stop and think about how I knew him — it’s the cute kid from Roommate! I love that he’s all leading man-y now. He really has worked his way up the drama ladder. He plays a dual role here as a chaebol in a coma and the robot made to (I’m sure temporarily) replace him. Here are some teasers:

Doesn’t it look like this could be completely awesome or completely eye-rolllingly terrible? Or possibly in an ideal world, both at the same time? I think I want to watch just to find out! The teaser does make you wonder, does the show start out with the swap and then you realize he’s not the real guy? Which, from the teasers, makes us think the other characters are experiencing that. Or do we see why there was the change? I just can’t tell from the clips here. And now that I see that he’s like some big manufacturing guy, I guess I can buy the super-duper robot tech.

I also wonder, do they program in the chaebol bad attitude? Who programs it? Or do they just present it to the guy and he’s all “Why’s the robot such a dick?” Queue awkward silence. (For some reason in my brain I see the actual hero crafting the robot and then going into the coma. I’m sure I’m completely wrong, but that’s what my mind-eye sees and once my mind-eye sees something there’s nothing to turn that around until the show premieres.) 

So we have the robot falling in love with the heroine. Is he going to be in a love triangle with himself? Who would you root for? Part of the reason I dropped Oh My Ghostess was the fact that I was totally shipping him with the dead girl. It’s hard to think everything is going to come out okay when you’re literally two points of a triangle. Especially when one of those points is dead. Or in this case a robot.

The show is called Are You Human, Too? and hits the screens June 4th, which makes me think “oooh a fun summer show!” which is actually how I remember watching AI Know’s Love — drenched in sweat. How are you feeling about the robots? Considering I’m interested in the genre, is there any other of the new ones that I should check out? Did you know about it? Are you going to watch this? So many questions!

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