Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Relationship Defining (Not)

Posted by SaraG on May 10, 2018


It’s funny how certain groups just stick with you with almost no ‘hard’ work. For me, most groups take a fair amount of effort to learn, like formal lessons, night school, a tutor on the weekends, and lots and lots of photos and variety. But I honestly don’t think that the effort it takes really has anything to do with the depth of my appreciation for the group. Seventeen took a bit of practice for me and Pentagon was so hard I almost gave up on them…but now I know them both like the back of my own child’s hand and have created an almost physical bond with them (very dramatic but I stand by it). While other groups, like Big Bang and BAP, came to me organically and while I might sell off retirement stocks to see them, I don’t necessarily feel quite the same visceral connection (that’s also a lie…I feel it with BAP).

As several of the Nerd Herd are going to the Up10tion show following Kcon NY (adjacent), some of us (KpopontheDL) have pulled out their teaching hats to help others learn the members and fall in love. There has been a lot going on over the last month, so I admit that there have been competing priorities, but it has taken me a fair bit of time to learn them well enough to feel confident in pointing any one individual member out. This weekend we all sat around and watched some solid hours of U10tion variety and while that helped an absolute ton, I’m still not perfect. I have a feeling this group will stick around for me, but it might take another minute or two to get super comfy with them.

Runner, Up10tion

VAV, on the other hand, is a group that I’ve enjoyed at every comeback but haven’t taken the time to learn. Recently a little flame for them started burning in my heart and I decided that they would be the next group I would learn after Up10tion. Almost as soon as that decision was made, Ayno put out a mixtape that I enjoyed and BOOM, I knew him by sight. While taking a break from Up10tion lessons on Saturday, we watched some VAV MVs and BAM, I was in love with Lou and could pick him out of any lineup. I’ve now got five of them down. There are only seven members and I bet I could do ‘em all with the power of deduction if there was ever a need. I can’t imagine how close I’ll feel to them once I actually put in a second of effort.  

Flower (You), VAV

Both groups are doing tours in the states this year and I’ve been invited by my lovely friends to go to both. For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I agreed to very specific terms with my husband on limiting travel for shows to only bias groups, I don’t think that I’ll be attending either show. But who knows, maybe the next time either comes around, I’ll pass whatever bias group test my husband pulls together and I can see ‘em then!

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