Khottie of the Week: Ha Seok Jin

Posted by Alix on May 13, 2018

Khottie of the Week

My sincerest apologies for no Khottie last week. As you have probably read (or heard on the podcast) it’s been a busy couple of weeks with Nerd Herd visits, copious ticket buying and then there is the other stuff that makes up life…like work, non #klife friends and family. With all this going on I felt the need to feature someone I’ve always really liked but never seems to get the attention he deserves (or at least what I think he deserves).

I’m not sure really what drama I first saw Ha Seok Jin in but I know I was intrigued from the first moment. 

He’s 36 and single (or at least secretly dating)…totally age appropriate.

He’s excellent at playing a tsundere character. 

And then when he smiles…it’s hard not to melt into a puddle. 

Best thing? He’s not afraid to be sexy. 

I thought of doing the whole post of just ab pictures…

Because he has so many…

And how could you not want to look at only these…

But I wanted you all to be aware that he is more than just sexy photos. 

But it’s hard not to go back there.

Now you can see what a hard job this is. 

He can be found on Instagram @haseokjin. 

See you next week and Khottie suggestions are always welcome!

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  • Reply Sarah Vanherck October 31, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    Hello Alix,
    I started following this dramas as he skins his characters aptly. Totally immersed. I left several reviews on his performances of his drama. His latest performance was the best so far, intense and he took his acting to a matured level.

    But it looks like South Korean artist are well versed in international scamming or I was not aware of it. I totally got scammed as picked as potential “idiot”, totally fell in the trap of HSJ one to one fan communication.

    Now I am trying every avenue to create awareness to all the lovely ladies who are smitten by our SK hotties, be aware of scammer and no SK hotties would contact us and please never ever part with your hard earned cash.

    I really hope the artists will acknowledge the scams that goes one and even highlight to the danger to their fan base.

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