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Posted by SaraG on May 22, 2018


After a brief pause in posting because of those jerk hackers, we can get back to some fangirling over the wonder that is the Korean music scene.

It’s no big secret that individuals in the Kchat community rally around certain bands out of pure love and appreciation. For instance, if you were to ask an avid listener or reader, they would say that both Cherry and Stephanie love them some BTS and that LizC is a HUGE N.Flying fangirl. We all love these groups, but for some magical reason, the connection between these particular artists and these women is spectacularly strong. What I love about our place in the fandom and spot in life is that we are hip to the notion that we won’t love everything our favorites do. We are open to loving them without loving all of their music. Because we are mature. Obviously.

It’s also no secret that both groups I mentioned above had a comeback this past week. As someone who listens really closely to music and has the opportunity to publicly share my opinions on what I’m hearing, it can be a somewhat delicate situation to be in when a friend’s bias group puts out new music. Unless they explicitly ask me to, I will sometimes actively not write about it here just in case I say the wrong thing and feelings are hurt. So though we’ve had some nice conversations during our Friday night about the new tunes and despite the fact that I love the N.Flying mini and the BTS album is strong if not entirely in my vein, I’m going chat up a different artist today. There is plenty of conversation going on about these bigger groups and I want to make sure that everyone gets to hear the wonder that is Kanto’s new EP.

For those of you that don’t know, Kanto is a rapper, singer, and composer who debuted as a solo artist in 2013 and then as the maknae of the Kpop group Troy in 2014. I’ll avoid discussing the scandals surrounding the members in Troy that led to the eventual extended hiatus or breakup of the group, but just say that despite not being part of the mix, Kanto, as a member, was greatly impacted. And not in a positive way.

In an effort to continue his career as a performer, Kanto put out a couple of absolutely fantastic singles over the last couple of years, but he hasn’t been able to really gain much traction. This last year, he, or his company, made the superb decision to have him participate as part of The Unit. Kanto was an early favorite as he easily showed off his skills in all aspects of idoldom – singing, dancing, rapping, being beautiful. Though he didn’t end up in the final group, he had a great showing throughout the season.

During the filming of the show, Kanto was openly working on tracks for his eventual solo release and he finally put out the EP, Repetition, this week. The whole thing is a solid R&B, hip-hop, and pop-influenced mini album with five songs. The title track is called Salty, a slightly tongue in cheek, song and MV with a hint of a horn section and a totally danceable beat. I think this might be my actual favorite release this week. I’ve been in Kanto’s corner since the moment I first laid eyes on him, but with this EP, he’s really cornered me as a solid, semi-obsessed fan. I look forward to more of his releases and maybe having him put out something I don’t actually adore so I know that our love is real. 


Salty, Kanto


  • Reply SpiceAngel May 23, 2018 at 6:57 am

    Oh my goodness!!! I had just recently ‘found’ Kanto and was going to ask if you were familiar with his music… Of course you are!!

    I really enjoyed ‘salty’.

    Btw…I have also recently had a renewed appreciation of Loco and just heard his last summer album… I am a year late, but I will enjoy it this summer. 🙂

    Also… I ran across a video series put out by Dingo (?) of Kgroups drinking and singing along to their songs. I watched Winner and Vixx, I found it very entertaining…especially after a few drinks myself.

    I always enjoy exploring the music you introduce to us!

    • Reply SaraG May 23, 2018 at 9:16 am

      Kanto is worth discovering three or four times…he’s so good.
      Loco’s album last year was something I counted down for and another one so worth waiting for. It was one of my fav albums last year. So glad you’re enjoying it. And I’ve seen the Winner drinking show but haven’t seen the others yet…thanks for reminding me to seek them out!!!! As always, love your comments and that you’re finding stuff you adore. 🙂

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