Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Old Songs, New Videos

Posted by SaraG on May 24, 2018


On Tuesday I dropped a little post featuring Kanto, and one of our favorite readers, SpiceAngel, a fellow music lover and victim of YouTube rabbit holes, left me a delightful comment. Among other things, she reminded me of my love for the album one of the most talented Korean rappers out there, Loco, put out last summer called Summer Go Loco. It’s an EP featuring four songs perfectly crafted for hot weather, relentless sunshine, and beaches. As I only have two of those three on hand in my landlocked state, I have to make do with public pools or my backyard and garden hose. But it still works with the music, so don’t feel bad for me.

Loco, an AOMG artist, won the very first season of Show Me the Money in 2012 and appeared as a judge a couple of years later during season 4. His name should ring a few bells if you pay attention to collabs and OSTs as he’s made a few big-time contributions to both. You may have heard him on the OST for Scarlet Heart Ryeo, The Girl Who Sees Smells (for which he won a Melon Music Award), My Lovely Girl, and The Virus. Not bad at all. He’s currently participating in a variety show I am pretty much dying to see this year – It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets. He’s participating alongside several other self-proclaimed homebody idols and entertainers, many of whom I am very much partial to. I’m sure lots of folks have already started watching it, but I’m slow and don’t have chunks of time to set aside for variety watching…it’s going to require a special event just to carve out enough consecutive minutes for the first episode. Boo.

In order to make me feel better about about not yet seeing his show, Loco put out a wonderful video a couple of weeks ago for two of the songs from the 2017 EP. It’s really two separate MVs smashed together in a single file with different visuals for each. The video for Party Band is Loco chillin’ with a few members of a marching band at a house party with some fantastic looking drinks and snacks. I think he’d fit in perfectly with our Friday night’s here in Colorado. He’d be down. The second video, for the song Oppa, has Loco dressed in a school uniform in a various student centric situations. This makes me laugh and lovely full-bellied laugh as he’s an 89er and is pretty much as believable as a teenager as I am. That’s not very believable. I love it so.

Party Band and Oppa, Loco

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  • Reply Stephanie May 24, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    So funny, Youtube wants me to listen to this song ALL THE TIME.

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