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Posted by SaraG on May 28, 2018


I know that many of you know this about me, but I love to travel. Being out of my comfort zone is probably where I’m most comfortable. I love trip planning, the actual getting there part (who likes that??), and being somewhere so completely different and yet just a tiny bit the same. Finding the perfect travel companion or companions can be tricky, but I think that it’s easier for me than most because I actually truly do love people. I’ve been traveling since I was fifteen and aside from the occasional spat when one of us is too hungry, or overtired, or I’ve failed to read a map correctly, I have seriously not had a bad travel experience in 24 years. This tells me that either I’m eternally lucky in this area or I’m the bad travel companion.

But since Alix is coming back for more…and she doesn’t take any shit…I’m going with lucky.

Bolppalgan4 (Blushing Youth), or BOL4, are a duo that debuted in April 2016. The two women, Ahn Ji Young and Woo Ji Yoon, were schoolmates back in the day and both wanted to be singers so they decided to take a stab at it together. They appeared on Superstar K6 before signing with their current label and released their first album…which I have to say, I randomly happened upon and loved. They actually took the first few months of 2018 off while one of the members took some music lessons to improve her skill set before releasing their third mini album Red Diary Page.2. Laudable.

They are wonderful together. You can tell by their interactions that these are two people that have known each other for a long time. I can’t tell you if they are best friends or anything, but just the way they interact and play off each of each other, you can see the familiarity and it warms the cockles of my heart. On the new MV for the song Travel the pair are depicted on a trip to some absolutely fantastic and exotic locations and going through all of those romantic situations that all of us living out of backpacks have gone through – trying to catch a ride, standing in front of completely empty and pristine private pool, taking pics of each other in front of adorable churches, and grocery shopping in a completely unfamiliar store. I have seriously done all of those…and this video makes me want to do it again. Soon. Now.

The song is pretty clean and simple and is really just about the feeling that traveling gives them. It compares traveling to the feeling of youth. I get it, the comparison, it’s all about how you’re working hard, out of your element, exhausted and yet exhilarated. You shouldn’t love it, but you do to the point where everything challenging that happens actually serves to make you feel strong and bold. It’s kind of amazing.

Travel, Bol4

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