Throwback (Musical) Thursday: Welcome to the Bandwagon!

Posted by Stephanie on May 31, 2018


SaraG had some last minute drama watching to do, so I, your fearless leader, decided to take up the reigns for this week’s Throwback (Musical) Thursday. (Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and I have some big shoes to fill, but let’s give this a try!) Usually, I’m known for being a stubborn ass. I have my ideas, my likes, my dislikes, and the more you try to get me to move in a certain direction, the more I stubbornly stand in place — whether you’re right about said thing or not. I’d say I’m trying to change that about myself, but that would be a lie and we all know I try not to lie to you guys (if at all possible).

The trick of it all is that I’m not completely immovable, it’s more, rather than a full-on frontal assault, the way to get this stubborn ass to change her mind is to be sneaky, to come at me from the side, to make me think that my changed ideas are completely my own.

All this being said, let’s get to the point…I may or may have not just been bamboozled into being a giant Monsta X fan. 

To this day I’m not entirely certain how it happened. I’ve seen Monsta X, more than once at KCon. Each time I came away going “hey, they’re pretty good”, but I never got any closer to fandom than that. As in, I knew Monsta X was a thing, I just didn’t even consider it was a thing for me.

Then the Denver Kpop Nerd happened. Or to be more accurate, Alix and her giant Monsta X fandom happened. If you’re not in the know, we happy few get together every Friday for copious amounts of food and inevitably end up in SaraG’s basement, crazy-full, slightly drunk, and ready to imbibe all the Kpop we can get our hands on. During this time, Alix would at some point would wrest control of the tv and the Monsta X would happen. At first, I was eh. The I was ugh. Then, probably, for some reason, after watching a performance (to this day we can’t remember what it was)  Jooheon, with his garish green hair, performed at an awards show and I was all ooooh. I didn’t become a fan overnight, but from that moment the seeds were sewn.

Friday after Friday the Monsta X lured me in. Have you seen them on Weekly Idol? Jooheon and the belly button/nipple game? Monsta X and the shirtlessness? Monsta X and the relay videos? Monsta X and the ‘things you didn’t notice in ____ video’ videos? Jealousy in those white shirts, jeans, and chains? It was as if Monsta X knew they had someone on the hook and decided to pull out all their stops.

And a lot of those stops are shirtless.

So, I’ve actually for the last few days been exclusively been listening to Monsta X songs. Why? Oh, no reason…. LIE. You know what I did??? You know how far I’ve fallen??? Yeah. I need to learn all of their songs and all of the members because I went out and BOUGHT A TICKET TO THEIR LA CONCERT. Seriously. That will make the 4th concert I’m traveling for this year. And possibly the one I’m looking the most forward to…AND I GOT BTS TICKETS.

Also. Check it ladies — I almost have them all:

Jooheon – lovingly called big head


Kihyun – the pointy one

Hyungwon – the one with the lips

IM – ?


……and….Shownu? Shinwon? Hmm…I’m going to stick with Shownu the frat guy and leader.

Did I get it? Did I miss anyone?

Right, and we’re supposed to have a song! How about Dramarama?

Or the relay version of Dramarama?

And because I couldn’t decide which things you may have missed… here’s a video version

and the dance practice version

Made it this far? You must be a fan too! You win the bonus prize Doni and Jooheon playing the belly button game!

Thanks ladies for tricking me into becoming a fan! Can’t wait to see who I’m going to discover totally on my own next time! 😉

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