Musical Monday – They Broke Me

Posted by SaraG on June 4, 2018


I have mentioned on here many, many times that though I typically love the outcome of music survival shows, I’m not actually into watching them. I don’t have a ton of time to delve into content and there is just so much out there I have to be choosy…KpopontheDL keeps me informed so I feel confident about making sure I’m seeing the good stuff. This coupled with the fact that my heart gets just as broken as the participants that don’t fare well, I’m usually out. So despite being super excited the moment it was announced, I have yet to actually see an episode of Breakers. This is surprising in that the singer/songwriters featured are some of my absolute favorites doing stuff right now and it’s hosted by Key from Shinee. I should, by all rights, be dropping everything to watch it. And I’m kind of tempted to.


Basically, the show is your typical stage pitting performers against each other to win votes. I don’t even know what the prize is at the end and don’t really want to know. The participants are so good that I don’t want any of them to lose. You’ll recognize many of the names from, you know, being famous, but also because I talk about a bunch of them on the regular. It started off as a mix of eight male and female artists to include:

  • Samuel Seo
  • Penomeco
  • Joo Young
  • ALEPH’s Jeong Jae
  • OffonOff’s Colde
  • 20 Years of Age
  • Mia
  • Cha Ji Hye

But then they added one more…yep, one more last minute little addition to throw off the mix: Hui from Pentagon. That’s right, a fully grown, completely trained, uber talented idol. It seems a little not fair to the other contestants and to Hui himself. How was this precious Kpop idol, a leader of ten delightful goofballs, going to mix with this crowd of gloriously self built stars on the rise? I was a bit nervous about how he would present as a solo artist in this land of somewhat fewer restrictions. Would he be too tame? Would the songs be too safe? Too poppy? Would the others look down on him? Tease him? Ignore him? I love so many of them with all of my tiny heart, but Hui is Hui and he, along with all of the Pentagon members, have worked their way into my very being.

Fear not, friends. Hui is rocking it. Though many of the performances, from all of the artists, have been worthy of a post, I’m going to pluck out a few of Hui’s to share as a form of penance for not trusting him enough. He may be styled young for his day job as an idol, but he has more than shown us that he is a grown ass man oozing talent and sexuality. In many ways, as expected, he is much more confident about his performances than the others (years of training and experience will give you that) but he has also proven time and again that he has just as much raw, natural talent outside of his pop music confines.

Navigation, Hui

It might just be Hui up there as the centerpiece, but he puts on full performances with amazing vocals, a slew of backup dancers, and beautifully produced songs. You can see the other contestants in Navigation bobbing their heads along to the song, but in later clips, including the one below, you can see them fully bought into the magic that is Hui…and his ladies.

There is some Penomeco chest clutching and shocked, averted gazes going on.

Bodyguard, Hui

And if you want sexy, just watch Hui and Somin from Kard in the duet Swim Good. Seriously, please prepare a glass of ice water and fan in advance. It’s fantastic. She is a perfect partner for him in this song. Such a good mix of strong voices and slim, lithe bodies.

Swim Good, Hui (ft. Somin)

As a comparison, here is Joo Young doing Proud with PH-1. It’s so good, so chill, so exactly what I expected from the show that made it such a good fit for my sensibilities. Watching Hui enjoy it, watching his head bob and the changes in his expression are so delightfully unexpected and reaffirming of why I love him as much as I do.

Proud, Joo Young (ft. PH-1)

And because I can’t not include Penomeco in everything that is even tangentially related to him, here’s one of my favs of his from the show.

Coco Bottle, Penomeco

There is a seemingly endless supply of amazing songs by all of the artists on this show. I’m totally going to have to watch it. And maybe own all of the songs. And bathe in them. For weeks.  


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