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Posted by Stephanie on June 13, 2018

KPop School


SaraG: Welcome to class! It’s ten boys and two girls and a naughty teacher.


Since we did a lesson on the group as a whole, I’m going to break it down and do a member a day until they each get their time in the spotlight. There are a million ways to go about it, but because they are all so fantastic, I’m going to go in random order…except for this first one. Every Kpop group has a leader that sets the tone, keeps them in line, and represents their interests at the company. Pentagon is no exception. We are every so lucky that Hui not only has a distinctive voice, but also has a distinctive look and style. He’s a standout and easy to spot in a crowd.

SaraG: You two ready to start learning? I can hit you up with an easy one you both know today. Start with the leader…

MollyInKdramaland: HUI!

Stephanie: Hui!

SaraG: So his real name is Lee Hoe Taek.

Stephanie: Hoe? As in he’s a hoe?

SaraG: And yes…HOE. Correction…it is Hwitaek but I’ve seen it as Hoetaek when it was romanized as well. Let’s stick with Hwitaek because that’s most common. He’s the leader, main vocalist and lead dancer…he seriously can do it all. He’s pretty tiny…they list him as 5’8″ butttttt… questionable. He speaks English pretty well…his mom was an English teacher.

MollyInKdramaland: Oh Wow!

SaraG: In 2010 he won best male vocal in his audition for JYP and was a trainee there.

Stephanie: 8 years ago, wow.

SaraG: Yep

Molly: That’s a long time.

SaraG: He was born in 93…so he’s an actual grown up at this point….25…

MollyInKdramaland: Damn… that makes me feel old. LOL

SaraG: Though they style them pretty young in Pentagon, that’s not his natural inclination…if you’ve watched the Breakers stuff, I think that’s more his style. He is a writer, producer, dancer, singer….and is doing really well on Breakers. He has his own room in the dorm.

Stephanie: Love his Breakers styling.

MollyInKdramaland: What’s Breakers?

SaraG: Breakers is a currently airing show on Mnet…it’s a music battle show for singer-songwriters. He’s going against folks like Joo young, Penomeco, Samual Seo, Colde…etc. Standby…let me get you a couple of the videos of his songs…

MollyInKdramaland: Oh – okay, cool.


Stephanie: My favorite is with him in the holsters. Mmmmmmm

SaraG: He can be shipped with anyone…most commonly it’s E’dawn, but I see him with almost anyone.

Stephanie: LOVED that one story, I still think about it.

SaraG: The other’s LOOOOOVVVVEEE him. They always and very genuinely go on and on about how much they wish they were like him and how good he is.

Stephanie: And why wouldn’t they?

SaraG: He is really, really tactile and is almost always draped across someone — anyone. He and Jinho are super close. Here’s a good interview to get to know them….they almost always sit/stand in this order so it makes it easier to know whose talking when you aren’t as familiar with them.

SaraG: This MIGHT be the one where Hui keeps putting his fingers in E’Dawn’s pants….it is this one!!! he starts around the 9’30” mark…or just after that.

Stephanie: I love how he keeps doing it. Like once he realizes the hole is there, he can’t keep his fingers away from it.

SaraG: He loves them so much. Here’s a soulmate challenge between them…


SaraG: I spent a disgusting amount of time watching interviews and variety with them when I first fell in love. Oh, and here’s the unhelpful guide….these are always good.

SaraG: Since you both know Hui, I assume you don’t need a TON of pics today…but just in case…

SaraG: He’s very feline in appearance.

Stephanie: He’s a LION. Raaawwwwr!

SaraG: He is

SaraG: I actually always think of him as a lion.

SaraG: I love him in that red/pink hair.

SaraG: They all love him.


SaraG: You both know him well, right? I don’t want to skimp on him, but if you have him down solidly then there’s no reason to belabor the issue.

MollyInKdramaland: Awww – so fun to learn more about him! I love learning more!


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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