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Posted by Stephanie on June 14, 2018

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In my many trips down Pentagon fan pages and Tumblr accounts, I’ve heard it said that Yeo One is a bit of a brown hair…meaning he blends in with some of the other members because of a similar look and feel. But for me, he was easy to pick out almost from the start. He’s got a very distinctive look about him and his personality is so kind and gentle that he just kind of stood out to me. It was important to me that we work on him early on in our lessons so everyone would be familiar with him as a good point of reference for using the process of elimination when looking at the whole group. He typically has brown hair, so if you know his face, you can narrow down the other members much more easily as you are starting to recognize them.

SaraG: Ok, I know Stephanie is working on a post, so I am going to plop some stuff in here for a brown hair that she tends to recognize but not know a lot about…today we are doing Yeo One!!!

SaraG: He’s 22 and the lead vocalist for the group…honestly though, I think the titles are kind of odd in Pentagon…

Stephanie: Hey! Hey! Put that shirt back on.

SaraG: He did a ton of videos for other folks and modeled with Hyuna prior to debuting with Pentagon. He’s known for being suuuuper nice and almost all of them have said that if they were a girl, they would date him…and they would let their sisters date him. He’s said to be a good actor and is obsessed with watching dramas. He was in Spark…which I’ve seen, but have to rewatch since I saw it a million years ago and didn’t know them then.

SaraG: Yuto, Dawn, and Wooseok all make appearances in the drama as well. It’s a web drama so the episodes are short if you haven’t seen it.

Stephanie: I’ve never heard of that one, I’ll have to check it out.

SaraG: He’s fairly tall…almost 5’11” and athletic…he was a swimmer. Here he is with Hui.

Stephanie: More examples of Hui loving up on his members.


SaraG: He’s stunning…his mouth is really unique and what I focused on when I was learning him… He has kind of a downturn to his smile. 

SaraG: Oh, and his real name is Yeo Chang Gu. He chose his stage name to mean ‘the one and only Yeo’. Yeo One. He plays the guitar quite well and did a solo track…

SaraG: It’s not entirely my thing, but I could watch him all day.


SaraG: Again, downturned mouth. This is a long one…but you’ll learn him well…Yeo One doing ASMR…while cooking.

Stephanie: Kpop does love their ASMR.

SaraG: Here’s Yeo One.

SaraG: He’s another one with a great laugh…I could listen to him laugh for hours…he’s always just so delighted. He’s super emotional….the cryer.

Stephanie: Look at that pouty face!

SaraG: Yeo One and Yanan (the Chinese member) share a room in the dorm.

Stephanie: I feel like I should know Yanan, but I don’t. Sigh. Poor eggs.

SaraG: They just might be soulmates.

SaraG: He’s very fit…and knows how to be sexy

Stephanie: Holy Fudgeballs.

SaraG: He and Hongseok did a song together called Sapporo. It’s adorable… they play in the snow.

Stephanie: How is Hwitaek not the main vocalist?

SaraG: He’s the main vocalist. Yeo One is the lead vocalist. Main means they sing the main parts, lead means they learn all of the parts and teach the others — like how Jimin is the main dancer and Hobi is the lead dancer.

Stephanie: Jeez, Kpop and their titles.

SaraG: So that’s Yeo One…he should be protected by all of us…he’s so wonderfully kind and tender and dear.

Stephanie: Nice teeth. He has some Hoseok on him.

SaraG: Perfect teeth…his mouth is just so….I don’t know, it sticks with me. Interesting on the hoseok…I never noticed, but you are right. They have a similar build too…lean and long.

Stephanie: I see it. Maybe that will help me differentiate this brown hair.

SaraG: The first time around you also said that he looked like an actor…but I can’t remember which. You ALWAYS got him right.

Stephanie: Then the rest of the brown hairs of the group happened.

SaraG: HAHAHAHAHA You’ll get ‘m this time.

Stephanie: Was he blond in this comeback? Is he the one who waves his hands in the air?

SaraG: No, Yanan was blond, that’s his roomie and true love. Giant baby Yanan. This comeback Yeo One looked like this:

Stephanie: Tell baby Yanan to go away, his brown hair will confuse me.

SaraG: This is helpful. 

Stephanie: I’m legit just looking for the Hoseok-y looking one.

SaraG: Hahahahaha…nothing wrong with that, though I think Hongseok has a little Hobi stink to him too so be careful later…I won’t show him now because it’ll be confusing. Here is more Yeo One.

Stephanie: Oh noes! More Brown Hairs to come!

SaraG: Yeo One. Here’s his My Drama List Profile: and Yeo One and Hyuna

Stephanie: He looks uncomfortable.

SaraG: Wouldn’t you be holding all of that when you were like an 18 year old kid raised in a dorm with 900 other male trainee?

MollyInKDramaland: Yes – totally. I think Hyuna could intimidate just about any guy.

SaraG: For real.

MollyInKDramaland: Honestly Yeo One was easy for me cause I find something unusual about his face and smile.

SaraG: It’s totally his mouth!!!

MollyInKdramaland: Yes!

SaraG: He was like the second one I recognized easily…or third I guess.

MollyinKdramaland: Yep – me, too. Hui and E’Dawn are easy, too. They have a distinctive look and vibe.

SaraG: In the MV’s he often gets paired with Hongseok because they are of similar size and look. They even did some style program together and talked about how even though they don’t look alike, they look alike….and in the Violet video he was paired with Kino like a couple that had just broken up.

MollyInKdramaland: Awwww – Kino….I lurve him. Actually, they’re kinda like BTS for me in that I have a feeling I’ll love them all.

SaraG: Clip from weekly idol.

SaraG: Ok…..Here is an unlabeled pic of all of them…grab that pic and mark it up with their names…send it to me in a separate chat so you don’t give the answers to each other… Do the ones you know…the only ones you HAVE to get right are Hui and Yeo One.


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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Yeo One


  • Reply Lori Morgan June 14, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    Yeo One reminds me of a really young Elvis Presley. I think it’s the mouth. Also in the pictures for the 2nd album, Five Senses or the Can You Feel It Era, he kind of reminds me of Mike D. Angelo. I love him him dearly. He just seems like he is the nicest guy. And my favorite ship is Yeo One and YanAn. They are adorable.

  • Reply SpiceAngel June 16, 2018 at 9:54 pm

    I so needed this! Yeo One is one that I am having trouble identifying. I think at first it was his name. I didn’t know how to pronounce, so I just skipped over him.

    So I could listen to him whisper to me all day…adorable.

    I never knew the difference between Main and Lead Vocal. Thanks for th explanation.

    I am really enjoying this series!

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