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Posted by Stephanie on June 15, 2018

KPop School

Both of my lovely students had a decent familiarity with Jinho, so I made sure to cover him on a busy workday. That way, we had fun instead of feeling pressured by learning someone completely from scratch.

SaraG: How are we feeling about Jinho? Sound good? You both know him so it’s a bit of a gimme.


MollyInKdramaland: Yep – Jinho would be great. Here’s what I know: he’s short, cute and an insanely talented vocalist. Oh, and I think he’s the oldest, right?

SaraG: Chigggggity check. But there’s so much more to our beautiful wee man

MollyInKdramaland: I’m sure there is! Do tell. By the way, I noticed he’s even cute when he sings! He moves his mouth so cutely. Everything about him just seems cute. LOL

SaraG: I adore him….he’s sooooo high on my list of favs. So short and cute….his profiles all say he’s around 5’6” buuuut I’m not sure I buy it. I’m 5’5” and I’d be shocked if he was taller than me. He has an ultimate babyface, but he uses it to his advantage….he’s a bit of a grump but he can get his way with a smile.

SaraG: He speaks Chinese. He was an SM trainee for years and won the SMeverysing contest…Xiumin from EXO came in second. Technically, he debuted as part of the boy group SM The Ballad…with some already popular singers…so he was totally overshadowed and they never put him in an actual group.

SaraG: The show pentagon maker was his audition for Cube after he left SM….it took 8 weeks and he completed his pentagon graph and was accepted. He was a trainee for 8 years…hence his leaving SM.

SaraG: I actually find that even though he’s small and cute, he actually looks his age in the face when he’s serious. He’s a 92 so he’s 26 this year.

SaraG: He’s great at mimicking the sound of brass instruments and does it in one of the Magazine Ho’s from this year. I believe this is the one….can’t listen at the rec center.

Stephanie: I LOVE his Magazine covers. I’ve been listening to Havana pretty much, nonstop.


SaraG: So, Magazine Ho was his 2017 New Year’s resolution…he wanted to do one quality cover a month. It went so well he decided to do it in 2018 too. We all WIN!!!

SaraG: He is a phenomenal rapper…suuuuuper impressive but they have three rappers in the group so he never does it for Pentagon.

Stephanie: Like Jungkook of BTS. I wonder if he misses it?

SaraG: I’ll find a good clip of it later to send you….he’s AMAZING. He starred in All Shook Up, a musical about Elvis with Daehyun from BAP.

SaraG: He has his own room in the dorm.

Stephanie: FANCY

SaraG: Being the oldest has its perks. He can play the guitar and the piano. Here he is with Yuto…I LOVED this styling.

SaraG: When Yuto first started he wasn’t very snuggly….but Jinho wore him down super fast and he looooves his Hyung now.

Stephanie: Yutoda does not look comfy in that pic.

SaraG: He was very Japanese at first …hehe. He’s grown…or devolved.

MollyInKdramaland: So much cuteness!!

SaraG: He’s fabulous.

SaraG: Here he is with Kino….

Stephanie: I saw that one, so cute! We’re going to have to put the Cube cafe on the ‘To Visit’ list when we go to Korea.

SaraG: My god I love him. Here’s a complication of jinho rapping.

SaraG: He has better ones…but this gives an example. Here’s a beautiful performance:

SaraG: I would have another child with him. Oh, and he has the absolute best beauty mark in his right sideburn. I forgot to say, Jinho is frequently shipped with Hongseok….they are the penta parents.

Stephanie: Awwwwww.

SaraG: And I’m pretty sure they are all Slytherin.

SaraG: Every. Member.

Stephanie: Laugh.


Molly: Oh – I wanna see the Breakers where Hui and Wooseok are crying!! Can you do Kino next…? He’s one of my favs. I tend to like the dancers. Well, they’re ALL dancers, but you know what I mean.

SaraG: I will do Kino next!


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