Khottie of the Week: Shin Min Ah

Posted by Alix on June 17, 2018

Khottie of the Week

After featuring Kim Woo Bin last week it didn’t seem right to not highlight his own noona romance with one of my favorite Korean actresses. I first saw Shin Min Ah in Oh My Venus and it still ranks as one of my favorite dramas. I’m not big on rewatching kdramas and there has been a number of times I’ve been tempted to go back and rewatch it. If you’ve been hesitating, stop and go watch it (Stephanie, again I’m looking at you).

She started her career as a model in 1998. Not hard to see how that happened. 

I know I’m stating the obvious but she’s beautiful. 

And not afraid to show it. 

She’s breathless both dressed up…

And dressed down. 

She has a beautiful smile. 

With dimples. 

More dimples. 

There was even a dimple kiss in Oh My Venus…not ashamed to admit a few of us might have tried to recreate it. 

They were a great couple in the drama…seriously just go watch it already. 

But she also looks like someone we might find on a Friday night, drinking prosecco in SaraG’s basement. 

While she and Kim Woo Bin have been together since 2015…

She’s powerful all on her own. 

Nothing like writing a female khottie post to girl power music.

You can follow her on Instagram @illusomina.


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