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Posted by Stephanie on June 17, 2018

KPop School

SaraG: Kino 

SaraG: He is firmly a brown hair….It took a bit for him to stick with me for some reason, but once we connected I was very confused as to why it took awhile…..sad

SaraG: He’s beautiful. He’s the main dancer…so this means he performs the lead part on stage….while Hui is the lead dancer…he learns the parts first and teaches everyone. Kino also does choreo…he did some parts of Gorilla and choreographed all of Like This…one of my all time fav dances


SaraG: He was a trainee at a company called Power Vocal…I don’t really know them, but yet another example of Cube finding perfection in a trainee from elsewhere. Genious.

Stephanie: No, I’ve never even heard of that company before. 

Stephanie: He majored in dance in high school and was a member of a dance crew for awhile…the boy is made of liquid. I hate to say this, but he’s even more fluid than Jimin. I love Kino’s personal style. I think they are of equal talent, but Kino is more confident. It’s like he assumes he can do no wrong.

SaraG: He loves aegyo and he speaks Korean, Japanese, and English. He GOT7’s Yugyeom, UNIQ’s Seungyoun and Seventeen’s Vernon are best friends…he has a group that he does side projects with consisting of Yugyeom and Seungyoun and they added Veron on the latest song. He composes a bunch of his own stuff and puts it on soundclound under knnovation. It’s amazing.

Stephanie: Well, isn’t that witty?

SaraG: Here’s one of his solo songs…

SaraG: It’s called Lonely and he and Hongseok did this one together

SaraG: He and Shinwon share a dorm room. He’s often shipped with Yuto…they are same year friends (with Wooseok too). Fic’s often make him all femme, which I don’t agree with…so that bothers me. He’s cute and pretty and so on…but he’s not hair clips and miniskirts. He is, however, Pentagon’s girl group dancer…for variety shows. he’s great at it. Again, liquid.

SaraG: Kino and Jinho. dead sexy

Stephanie: Is it me or does Jinho have a little GD on him there?

SaraG: I refuse to think about this too hard, but Kino was born in 98….the year after I graduated high school. not ok.

Stephanie: Ugh. THAT IS NOT OKAY.

SaraG: You can see why they’re shipped.

SaraG: Maknae line


Stephanie: Oh noes, the closed eyes are throwing me off. HELP! The size and cheekbones make me want to say Jinho.

Sara: This is all about Kino, baby. It’s Kino and Yuto.

Stephanie: OMG. Nevermind. Forget I said that. I’m now embarrassed for myself.


SaraG: His real name is Kang Hyung Gu. As a repeat, he did this magazine ho with Jinho. I sent the link earlier, but here’s a pic of it

Stephanie: He looks really young in that picture.

SaraG: He’s pretty flawless…he has great skin. His eye shape is fantastic. Maknae line.

SaraG: With Hui

SaraG: Here’s a Kino fancam…

SaraG: This episode of pentagon maker is hilarious…Kino puts makeup on Yanan. It goes….not well

SaraG: Here’s the girl group dances:

SaraG: Also, he has one pointy tooth…I love it. it’s a great little way to pick him out when he’s talking. FYI….they are doing ice cream cake by Red Velvet in the girl group dance…and he’s with Hongseok and Wooseok. This picture is just about the cutest….

SaraG: E’dawn, Honseok, Jinho, Hui, and Kino.

MollyInKdramaland: Oh Lord… he’s maknae line. Born in 1998??? He’s damn sexy, and I’ve had thoughts. Yeah… pretty sure I’m going to hell now. Kino and Yuto – VERY cute together! He does NOT strike me as femme, so I’m peeved that fanfic writers are making him out to be that way. Kino is dead sexy with a side of cute. I love his facial expressions when he dances – they’re perfect. So, yeah – he’s at the top of my Pentagon list. Really like the other members we’ve learned about, too, though. All their personalities are so likable, and they’re all so attractive and talented! I’m just in love with the whole group.

Stephanie: Yeah, the whole, ‘younger than Jungkook’ throws me. He has kind of a smallheart-shapedd face.

MollyInKdramaland: Yep – Heart-shaped Face. He’s almost always smiling. Or acting cute. Or dancing sexy.

Stephanie:  I think I’ve seen videos of him doing girl dances before.

MollyInKdramaland: He somehow makes them pretty masculine when he does them. He may look/seem like a beta, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an alpha hiding under all that cute. He’s a strong personality.

SaraG: Yes, Molly!! He def makes the dances masculine…like he starts them off as straight girl group and then beefs them up


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